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China Facts & Figures Annual

Edited by Robert J. Perrins

Track Asia's Emerging "Tiger"!

Forthcoming. Volume 29 (covers year 2003).

CHIFFA accumulates annually all basic and statistical information about the PRC. Each volume contains all new data. Together, the CHIFFA volumes offer an incomparable database

Volumes 1-28 (1978-2003) of this respected reference number more than 9400 pages containing thousands of entries, tables, charts, figures, and features. $80 each by subscription / $100 each non-subscription.

"An impressive compendium of information on China mainly in tabular form.... Belongs in all China collections.... All libraries."-Choice

"An extraordinarily handy compendium of statistical information about many facets of Chinese politics, economic life, and social conditions."-Journal of Asian Studies

"Outstanding Academic Book ."-Choice

Contents of CHIFFA 27 (2001)
Contents of CHIFFA 26 (2000)
Contents of CHIFFA 25 (1999)
Contents of CHIFFA 24 (1998)
Contentsof CHIFFA 23 (1997)
Contentsof CHIFFA 21 (1996)
Contentsof CHIFFA 20 (1995)
Contentsof CHIFFA 19 (1994)
Contentsof CHIFFA 18 (1993)
Contentsof CHIFFA 17 (1992)
Contentsof CHIFFA 16 (1991)
Contentsof CHIFFA 14 (1990)

NOTE: CHIFFA volume 15 is the index to CHIFFA volumes 1-10. CHIFFA volume 22 is the index to volumes 11-21. See below for details about these volumes. The contents of the index volumes are not available online.

Several copies still available for 1978, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996 $80 each.

Back volumes available at half-price upon placement of a standing order beginning with Volume 27

Volume 23 Index to Volumes 11-21 (1988-1997) and
Volume 15 Index to Volumes 1-10 (1978-1987)

Part 1 Contents by Volumes; Part 2 Contents by Accumulated Chapters; Part 3 Key Word Index.
Easy multiple-path entry into perhaps the largest non-government database of its kind, by volume, page numbers, direct and related items, for ten crucial years of the PRC. $85

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