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Contents of Volume 1 (1989)

Preface xii

Introduction xiv

1 The Year 1989. Policy Statements

  1. Editorial, Work Hard with One Heart and One Mind. 1989 New Year Message 2
  2. Greetings by Zhao Ziyang, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, at the New Year Party Held by the National CPPCC Committee on 1 January in Beijing 4
  3. Li Peng's Address at the Beijing Spring Festival Meeting 6
  4. May Day Editorial 8
  5. Editorial, Party Organizations Must Concentrate their Attention onParty-Building. Written on the 68th Anniversary of the CPC 10
  6. Editorial, Strengthen Army-People Unity, Strive for Still GreaterVictories. Marking the 62nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Liberation Army 13
  7. Politburo Standing Committee Approves National Day Slogans 15
  8. Jiang Zemin, Report on Behalf of the CPC Central Committee and State Council at a Grand Meeting of People of Various Walks of Life in the Capital to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC 17

2 Communist Party of China

  1. Zhao Ziyang, Several Problems Concerning Party-Building. Speech of 28 January 1989 to the Seminar on Party-Building 34
  2. Deng Xiaoping, Speech to Li Peng and Yao Yilin 46
  3. Deng Xiaoping, Gist of Speech to Members of the New Political Bureau Standing Committee 49
  4. Communique of the 4th Plenary Session of the 13th CPC CentralCommittee, Adopted on 24 June 1989 54
  5. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Holds its Plenary Session 56
  6. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a National Meeting of Heads of CPC Organization Departments 58
  7. Guo Fang, The Force at the Core Leading Our Cause Forward is the Chinese Communist Party 64
  8. Full Text of the Communique of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 13th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 73
  9. Official Discusses Party Role in Enterprises 76
  10. Jiang Zemin Gives Speech on Party-Building 79

3 The United Front

  1. The National Political Consultative Conference Passes Operating Regulations for Political Consultation and Democratic Supervision 82
  2. CPC Central Committee Holds Forum with Nonparty Personages.Jiang Zemin Makes Important Speech on Questions of Common Concern 85
  3. Li Xiannian Addresses Enlarged Presidium of CPPCC 88
  4. Zhan Zhongfu, Liu Jifu, Tentative Views on the Impossibility of Practicing a Multiparty System in China 89

4 Law and Government

  1. Report on Forum on Clean Government 96
  2. Wang Hanbin Explains Draft NPC Procedural Rules to NPC Standing Committee 99
  3. Li Peng, Resolutely Implement the Policy of Improvement and Rectification and Deepening Reforms. Government Work Report Delivered at the Second Session of the Seventh NPC in the Great Hall of the People on 20 March 1989 101
  4. Peng Chong, Report on the Work of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee 129
  5. Resolution of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Checking the Turmoil and Quelling the Counter-revolutionary Rebellion 136
  6. Sun Li, See How Committee Member Hu Jiwei Justifies Himself 138
  7. 10th Meeting of 7th NPC Standing Committee Convenes 140
  8. Urban Planning Draft Law Submitted 141
  9. Draft Law on Rallies and Demonstrations Revised 141
  10. Draft Pollution Law Submitted. Police Replace Martial Law Troopsin Tiananmen 143
  11. NPC Standing Committee Adopts Laws 143
  12. State Council Holds Seventh Plenary Session 144

5 Economic Affairs

  1. Tian Jiyun, Resolve Further to Enhance the Exploitation of Agriculture.Speech by Comrade Tian Jiyun to the State Agricultural ExploitationFund Management Small Group 146
  2. Han Zhiguo, Wei Jie, In Depth Thinking Challenged. Commentaryon Study of Economic Theories in 1988 152
  3. Ye Xuanping Stresses, While Discussing Control and Adjustment that at the Same Time Guangdong Will Continue to Develop its Outward-Oriented Economy 159
  4. Jiang Zemin, Conscientiously Eliminate Unfair Phenomena in Social Distribution 160
  5. Shen Jueren, Do a Better Job of Absorbing Foreign Investments 167
  6. State Council Approves Screening of Companies 170
  7. Li Peng, Have a Correct Understanding of the Current EconomicSituation. Do a Better Job in Economic Improvement and Rectification. Speech at a National Production Work Meeting on 11 October 1989 170
  8. Commentator, The Rural System of Contracted Responsibilities with Payment Linked to Output Will Remain Unchanged 176

6 Social Issues

  1. Ni Zhifu Talks to Reporters in Shanghai about Trade Union Work 178
  2. Gu Honghong, Zhu Houze Puts Forward New Idea on Trade Union Work 180
  3. Yan Mingfu Comments on Sale of Women, Children 181
  4. Shen Yimin, Hu Ying, The Tendency of an Increasing Population Growth Reappears in China 181
  5. Dissident Thought and Eclecticism, the Influence of Western Culture on Students Today 183
  6. Deng Yingchao, Introduction to History of the Chinese Women's Movement 186
  7. College Students Expected to Fund Own Studies 188
  8. Interview on Religious Policy 189
  9. Editorial, A Word to College Students at the Beginning of a New Academic Year 193
  10. Editorial, What Kind of Sense of Social Responsibility Do We Need? Another Heart-to-Heart Talk with University Students 196
  11. Student Conduct Code Stipulations 200
  12. Circular of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening and Improving Party Leadership Over the Work of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League (CYL) Organizations, and Women's Federations (Excerpts) 202
  13. Li Tieying, Report on Several Educational Issues in China (Excerpts) 209

7 Military Affairs

  1. Zhang Yining, An Inquiry into Peacetime National Defense Building. Roundup on the Discussion by the Military Theory Group at the Symposium Marking the 10th Anniversary of the 3d Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee 219
  2. Deng Xiaoping,Text of Speech Delivered by Deng Xiaoping While Receiving Cadres of the Martial Law Units in the Capital at and Above the Army Level on 9 June 221
  3. Zhang Lieying, Shi Yukun, Jiang Chengbo, Thoughts on Unfolding Activities to Learn from Lei Feng in the New Period 226
  4. Deng Xiaoping, Li Peng Sign Order on Martyrs 228
  5. The First Professional Simulated "Enemy" Army in the Chinese Military Force 228
  6. Physicist Recalls Nuclear Weapons Development 229
  7. Full Text of a Letter Deng Xiaoping Wrote to the Political Bureauof the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on 4 September 1989 Asking to Resign from the Post as Chairman of the CPC Central Committee Military Commission 230
  8. Qi Zhengjun, Let the Whole Army Study Military Strategy Science 231
  9. Jiang Addresses Military Commission 234
  10. A Brief Analysis of the Sense of Inferiority in the PLA 237

8 Thought, Culture, Ideology

  1. Wang Pengling, Bring About a Transformation of Topics, Develop Marxism 240
  2. CPC Center, Several Opinions on Going a Step Further Toward a Flourishing Art and Literature 244
  3. Liu Jun, A Brief Introduction to the Debate on "Neo-Authoritarianism" 250
  4. Li Ruihuan, Pressing Tasks in Propaganda and Ideological Work at Present 253
  5. Hu Qiaomu, How China Chose Socialism in the Fifties 259

9 The Student Movement

  1. A Brief Report on the Situation in Tiananmen Square 266
  2. A Few People Storm Zhongnanhai Under the Pretext of Mourning Hu Yaobang 267
  3. Students Gather in Beijing's Central Square 268
  4. Commentator, It is Necessary to Take a Clear-Cut Stand Against Disturbances 268
  5. Different Reactions of Beijing University and College Students in the "Commentator's" Article 270
  6. Zhao Ziyang, Make Further Efforts to Carry Forward the May 4th Spirit in the New Age of Construction and Reform 271
  7. The "Petition" Presented by Some Students at Institutions of Higher Learning in the Capital City 276
  8. While Meeting with Guests at the ADB Meeting Zhao Ziyang Analyzes China's Internal Situation, Pointing Out: There Cannot Be Great Turmoil in China; at Present What is Needed Most is Calm, Reason, Restraint, Order; We Should Resolve Questions by Staying on the Track of Democracy and Legality; We Must Implement Broad Consultations and Dialogue to Advance Understanding 278
  9. Zhao Ziyang and Others Visit Hospitalized Hunger Striking Students 280
  10. Li Peng and Others Meet Representatives of the Fasting Students. Meeting Between Li Peng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, and Fasting Students at the Great Hall of the People This Morning 280
  11. Important News, Zhao Ziyang and Li Peng Visit Fasting Students at Tiananmen Square 290
  12. Comrade Li Peng's Speech at the 19 May Meeting of Party, Government,and Military Cadres 292
  13. Martial Law Begins with State Council Decree 294
  14. Marshals Nie and Xu Answer University Students Who Have Asked to Meet Them. They Say Words About Suppressing the 200,000 Students and Similar Things Are Nothing but Rumors 295
  15. Excerpts from Statements by Central Leaders at a May 22 Meeting 296
  16. Speech by Peng Zhen on May 29 298
  17. NPC Chairman Wan Li Delivers Written Speech in Shanghai 300
  18. To All Communist Party Members and People of All NationalitiesThroughout the Nation 301

10 Criticism of Bourgeois Liberalization

  1. The Shanghai Municipal CPC Announces a Decision to Suspend Qin Benli from his Position as Chief Editor of World Economic Herald 304
  2. Editorial, Take a Clear-Cut Stand in Upholding the Four Cardinal Principles 304
  3. Chen Xitong, Report on Checking the Turmoil and Quelling Counterrevolutionary Rebellion 307
  4. Li Ruihuan, Speech at "Anti-Pornography" Work Conference of Four Southern Provinces 329
  5. Wang Renzhi, On Opposing Bourgeois Liberalization Speech Deliveredat a Theoretical Study Class on Party-Building 334

11 Foreign Affairs

  1. African Diplomats on Nanjing Clashes 352
  2. Liu Danian, Why do the Japanese Authorities Retreat on the Question of the Nature of the Aggressive War Against China? 353
  3. Ding Xinghao, China's Policy on a Multipolar World 355
  4. Commentator, The Anti-China Clamor Cannot Scare the Chinese People 356
  5. Jiang Zemin, Li Peng Address PRC Envoys 358
  6. Commentator, The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence are theNorm for the Correct Handling of Relations Between States 360
  7. Full Text of the Statement Made Today by Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen at the 44th Session of the United Nations General Assembly 363
  8. Qiao Delivers Congratulations to Romanian Communist Party 370
  9. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Romania 371

12 National Minorities

  1. Repair the Tombs to Embody the Communist Party's Nationality and Religious Policies. The Late Panchen Warmly Loved the Motherland and Upheld Unity and Solidarity. The Late Panchen's Final Formal Speech 372
  2. Zou Dayi, Oppose Splittism in No Uncertain Terms 375
  3. State Council Decides to Impose Martial Law in Lhasa 376
  4. Tan Chengjin, Behind the Lhasa Riots 376

13 Taiwan, Hong Kong, Unification of China

  1. Xu Jiatun on Drafting of Basic Law. Full Text of Speech to NPC Standing Committee Meeting 381
  2. Yan Mingfu Talks Freely About the Taiwan Question 387
  3. Li Guixian on Taipei Presence 391
  4. Ji Pengfei, "One Country, Two Systems" Must not be Undermined 392
  5. Commentator, "Dual Recognition" Constitutes an Encroachmenton China's Sovereignty 395
  6. Gu Shiping, The Attempt to "Internationalize" the Hong Kong Issue Will Never Succeed 396
  7. Scholars in Beijing Discuss at a Forum the Elections of the Three Types of "Civil Servants" in Taiwan 398

14 Personalities, Necrology

  1. Pan Rongting, Important Documents on Combining Marxism with Realities. Introducing Works of Deng Xiaoping (1938-1965) 402
  2. Important Speech of Deng Xiaoping Concerning Retirement Disclosed 412
  3. Zhao Ziyang Speech at Meeting (Hu Yaobang Eulogy) 413
  4. Brief Biography of Jiang Zemin 415
  5. Brief Biography of Li Peng 416
  6. Brief Biography of Li Ruihuan 417
  7. Selected Works of Li Xiannian to be Published Throughout the Country from Today on. Collection Includes 94 Chapters, Among Them 75 Published for the First Time. Record Author's Important Practical Activities and Important Viewpoints and Opinions 418
  8. Lin Biao's Image Appeared on China's Theater Stage 419
  9. List of Prominent Military Figures 419
  10. Biography of Vice-Chairman Liu Huaqing 420
  11. Zhang Yufeng, Two or Three Things Concerning Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai 421
  12. He Spent His Life Struggling for the Unity of the Motherland and the Solidarity of Nationalities. He was not Ashamed to be a Great Patriot. Eulogy by Congress Chairman Wan Li at the Memorial Meeting for the Panchen Lama 430
  13. Brief Biography of Qiao Shi 431
  14. Brief Biography of Song Ping 432
  15. Wei Jingshen Called Counterrevolutionary 433
  16. Biography of Secretary General Yang Baibing 434
  17. Brief Biography of Yao Yilin 434
  18. Farewell Ceremony for Remains of Zhou Yang Held in Capital. Jiang Zemin, Yang Shangkun, Li Peng, Wan Li, and Others Attend the Ceremony. Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, Li Xiannian, Peng Zhen, and Others Send Wreaths 435

Notes 437

Chronological List of Documents 448

Indexes 455

  1. Index of Names 455
  2. Index of Places, Geography 458
  3. Index of Organizations, Institutions, and Groups 460
  4. Index of Subjects 464

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