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Contents of Volume 3 (1991)

Preface x

Introduction xii


  1. Editorial, Strive for Further Stable Development: New Year Message 1
  2. Li Peng, Speech at a Spring Festival Mass Greeting Gathering Sponsored by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council at the Great Hall of the People 3
  3. Editorial, Actively Plunge into the Great Practice of Construction and Reform: In Celebration of 1 May International Day 8
  4. Editorial, Firmly Follow Our Own Road: Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China 10
  5. Editorial, Salute Great Chinese People's Liberation Army-Commemorating 1 August, Army Day 13
  6. Editorial, Building the Nation by Working Energetically: Celebrating the 42nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China 15


  1. Zhu Jiamu, Restudying Chen Yun's Expositions on Development of Party Style in the New Period 17
  2. Jiang Zemin, Speech at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC 24
  3. Communique of the Eighth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee 44


  1. Political Consultative Conference, Communique of the 12th Meeting 48
  2. Ding Guangen Speaks at United Front Forum 49
  3. Xinhua, Description of Democratic Parties 52
  4. Non-CPC Officials Attend News Briefing 53
  5. Yang Shangkun, Speech at a Rally Held in the Beijing Olympic Center to Mark the 80th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 54


  1. Lawbreakers Involved in Riots Sentenced 59
  2. Another Group of Offenders Involved in Anti-Government Riots Sentenced in Beijing 60
  3. Li Peng, Report on the Outline of the Ten-Year Program and the Eighth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development 62
  4. Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade and Ministry of Justice, Public Joint Declaration Reiterating Ban on Export of Products Made by Prison Inmates 96
  5. Information Office, State Council, White Paper on Human Rights in China 97


  1. Liu Zhongyi, The Difficulty of Selling Grain 139
  2. Pudong New Area Takes Shape 141
  3. Liu Zhenying, Yu Yaozhong, Li Peng Discusses "Debt Chains" 143
  4. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a Party Central Committee Work Conference 145
  5. Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Further Strengthening Agriculture and the Work in Rural Areas, Adopted by the Eighth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee 152
  6. High Technology Contributes to National Economy 170
  7. Liu Zhenying, Sun Benyao, Li Peng Views Economic Situation, Tasks 171


  1. Editorial, Vigorously Promote Comprehensive Measures to Safeguard Social Order 177
  2. Liu Ruiming, Social Report: China Is Not Free From AIDS 179
  3. Deng Xiaoping, It Is of Great Importance to Do Women's Work Well 183
  4. Unprecedented Case of Euthanasia 186
  5. CPC Central Committee, State Council, Decision on Stepping Up Family Work, Strictly Controlling Population Growth 187
  6. Forum Urges Language Standardization 191
  7. Ministry of Public Security, On the Criminal Activities of Abducting and Trafficking in Women and Children 192
  8. Ministry of Public Security, Situation Concerning the Investigation and Banning of Prostitution and Prostitute Patronization 196
  9. Shi Chenglin, Analysis of the Situation in Regard to Differentiation Among the Peasants of Changde City 198
  10. Commentator, Resolutely Crack Down on Underworld Criminal Gangs 20
  11. Cultural T-Shirt Phenomenon Examined 203
  12. Qu Zhihong, State Bans Books Spreading Superstition 203
  13. Using Religious Forces to Carry Out Subversion and Subvert Socialist Ideology 204


  1. An Analysis of the "Depoliticization of the Military" 206
  2. Yu Dehui, Zhao Yiming, The Development of Science and Technology and the Evolution of Warfare (Simultaneously Discussing the Gulf War) 209
  3. Xu Zhimin, Liu Huaqing Stresses Need to Strengthen Armed Forces by Means of Science and Technology 213
  4. Yang Baibing, Party's Absolute Leadership, Soul and Foundation of Our Army Building 214
  5. Lei Yuanshen, Hu Guangzheng, Wu Ziyong, Program and Guidance for Building Our Armed Forces in the New Era: On Comrade Deng Xiaoping's Thinking Concerning Building of Armed forces in the New Era 221
  6. Hu Nianqiu, Sun Bo, Liu Huaqing Stresses Deng's Theory on Army Building 225


  1. Feng Yingbing, Li Ruihuan, Li Tieying Praise TV Drama, Actors 228
  2. Symposium Reevaluates Views on Pearl Buck 229
  3. Li Ruihuan, Speech at a Spring Festival Party of Writers and Artists 230
  4. Protection of Relics Advocated 232
  5. Luo Guanxing, He Ping, Jiang Zemin Meets Literary, Art Workers 232
  6. Shao Daosheng, The "Yearning" Craze and Traditional Culture 234
  7. Confucian Culture and Its Modernization 236
  8. Ren Gaojun, March Toward New Science and Technology Revolution 238
  9. Editorial, Go a Step Further to Grasp Rural Socialist Thought Education 242
  10. Wu Yuehui, Zhang Yijun, The CPC and China's Modernization: Interview with He Xin 245
  11. On the "Craze for Mao Zedong": Comrade Deng Liqun Interviewed by Mainstream Magazine Reporter 248
  12. Yang Rudai Urges Study of Deng Xiaoping's Thought 254


  1. Chen Yun Talks with Zhejiang Leaders 255
  2. Wei Xiang, Public Security Minister Answers Reporter's Questions 256
  3. Excerpt from News Conference by Li Peng 257
  4. Report on Arrest of Editor Groundless 258
  5. Huangfu Ping, Reform and Opening Requires a Large Number of Cadres with Both Morals and Talent 258
  6. Guo Diancheng, An Elderly Communist's Wish: Comrade Nie Rongzhen Speaks on Resurrecting the Country with Science and Technology 262
  7. Chen Jiehong, Chen Yun Favors Veteran Comrades Remaining at the Forefront for the Time Being 266
  8. Chen Yeping, Having Political Integrity and Ability with Stress on Political Integrity 268
  9. Editorial, It Is Necessary Further to Reform and Open to the Outside World 269
  10. Tao Siju, Oppose Subversion and Peaceful Evolution; Protect the Stability of the Overall Situation 271


  1. Heavy Rains, Drought Cause Serious Losses 275
  2. Commentator, Unite to Win Victory in Fighting Floods 276
  3. Commentator, Carry Forward Spirit of Subordinating Local to Overall Interests in Fighting Floods 277
  4. Cao Guoqiang, Fan Jutong, PLA Officers, Men Make New Contributions to Flood Fighting, Relief Work 278
  5. General Office, State Council, Circular Urging Proper Arrangement Be Made for Livelihood of Masses in Disaster-Stricken Areas 280
  6. Commentator, A Powerful Cohesive Force 281
  7. Commentator, Set Foothold in Self-Reliance 283
  8. Tian Jiyun Discusses Situation in Flood Areas 285
  9. Will China Start the Three Gorges Project? 287


  1. Yang Can, There Is No Deadline for Peace 296
  2. Huang Dezhen, Zheng Yuanyuan, Huang Jing, Establish a Fair and Rational New International Political and Economic Order 297
  3. Spokesman, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, Statement on the Sino-US Trade Issue 302
  4. Sino-Soviet Communiqué on Conclusion of Jiang Zemin's Visit to the Soviet Union, Issued in Moscow 308
  5. Gao Di, Problems Posed by the Soviet Situation 312
  6. Li Peng Comments on Sino-Soviet Relations 319
  7. Ideological Theory Group, China Youth Daily, The Situation Facing China and China's Strategic Choices Following the Soviet Coup 320
  8. Commentator, Decision Conducive to Relaxation, Stability of Korean Peninsula 331
  9. Qian Qichen, Address to the UN General Assembly 332
  10. Sino-Vietnamese Joint Communiqué 335
  11. Qian Qichen, Achieve Independence, Strive to Open up New Horizons 337
  12. Text of the Sino-Indian Joint Communiqué Issued in New Delhi Today 342


  1. Government Continues Aid to Minority Areas 346
  2. Editorial, Maintain Unity and Unification and Promote Prosperity and Civilization: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Peaceful Liberation of Tibet 346
  3. Liu Zhenying, Sun Benyao, Jiang Zemin on Strengthening Nationalities Work 349
  4. Wang Youfu, Wang Zhen Inspects Xinjiang and Encourages Soldiers and People of Various Nationalities to Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought and to Win New Victories in Undertaking the Socialist Cause Under the Leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council 351


  1. Commentator, Develop Contacts Across the Strait, Promote Peaceful Reunification 355
  2. Commentator, On Taiwan's National Unification Guidelines 357
  3. Taiwan Personnel Released 359
  4. Commentator, Guarantee to Hong Kong's Long-Term Stability and Prosperity 360
  5. Commentator, Commenting on Taiwan Authorities Termination of "Period of Communist Rebellion" 362
  6. Responsible Person, Taiwan Affairs Office, CPC Central Committee, Statement on Relations Between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait and on the Question of Peaceful Reunification 364
  7. Memorandum of Understanding on the Construction of a New Airport in Hong Kong and on Relevant Questions 366
  8. Notion of China's Sovereignty Is Not "Outdated" 368
  9. Sino-British Joint Communique; 370
  10. Commentator, It Is Necessary to Check the Adverse Current of "Taiwan Independence" 371
  11. Zuo Aiguo, Lu Ping Reports to CPPCC on Macao Draft Law 373
  12. Tang Shubei, Statement on Inclusion of Clause on Founding "Taiwan Republic" in Platform of Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party 374
  13. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a Forum Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Xian Incident 375


  1. Bo Yibo, Preface to Review of a Number of Major Policy Decisions and Events 378
  2. Jiang Qing Has Died by Committing Suicide 380
  3. Hua Mingchun, At Work with Comrade Jiang Zemin 381
  4. Tao Siliang, Nie Li, Li Na, Lin Doudou, and Myself 382
  5. Liao Mosha's Remains Cremated at Babaoshan 389
  6. Guo Diancheng, The Marshall's Birthday 390
  7. Selected Works of Peng Zhen off the Press, on Sale 393
  8. Li Peng, Jiang Zemin Sign Decree 394
  9. Qin Benli Dies 395
  10. Xu Jiatun Removed as NPC Deputy 396
  11. Zhu Rongji Bids Farewell to Shanghai 396

Terms and Abbreviations 398

Chronological List of Documents 400

Indexes 405

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