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Contents of Volume 5 (1993)

Preface x

Introduction xii


  1. Editorial, Courageously Forge Ahead in Unity; New Year's Message for 1993
  2. Liu Zhenying, Zhou Aiguo, Jiang Zemin Speaks at Spring Festival Gathering
  3. Editorial, Scaling New Heights by Relying on the Main Force; in Celebration of the International Labor Day
  4. Jiang Zemin, Speech at Forum for 72nd Anniversary of CPC
  5. Editorial, Striving for Attaining the General Goal of Army Building in the New Era
  6. Li Peng, National Day Reception Speech


  1. Editorial, Uphold and Improve Democratic Centralism
  2. Editorial, Continue to Improve the Party's Leadership
  3. Communique of the Second Plenary Session of the 14th Central Committee of the munist Party of China
  4. Communique of the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China


  1. Jing Huai, New Setup of Democratic Parties in China
  2. Li Ruihuan Elected CPPCC Chairman
  3. Li Ruihuan, Excerpts of Speech at Second Standing Committee Meeting of the Eighth National CPPCC
  4. Li Ruihuan, Speech at a National Conference on United Front Work (Excerpts) 1


  1. Feng Jinwang, The Latest Report from the Chinese Security Front
  2. Xin Yan, Feelings Concerning Peasants' Suing "Officials"
  3. Li Peng, Report on the Work of the Government, Read at the First Session of the Eighth National People's Congress
  4. Amendments to the PRC Constitution
  5. Qiao Shi, Speech at the Closing of the Eighth National
  6. People's Congress
  7. Chinese Police Have No Links With Triads
  8. General Office, CPC Central Committee; General Office, State Council, Circular Prohibiting Party and Government Personnel From Accepting Gifts for Performance of Official Activities
  9. Qiao Shi, Speech to the Second Session of the Standing Committee of the Eighth National People's Congress
  10. Jiang Zemin, Speech at the Second Plenary Session of the CPC Central Discipline Inspection Commission
  11. Xu Rujin, Zhang Sutang, A Case the National Law Will Not Tolerate: An Account of Yu Zuomin's Crimes
  12. General Office, CPC Central Committee; General Office, State Council, Circular on Banning Publicly-Funded Overseas Tours or Tours Organized with Use of Public Funds in a Disguised Way
  13. Zhang Mingxin, The Civil Service System Is Conducive to Building Clean and Honest Government
  14. CPC Central Committee, State Council, Decision on Effectively Carrying Out Several Tasks in the Anticorruption Struggle in the Immediate Future 243


  1. State Statistical Bureau, Statistical Communique on 1992 National Economic and Social Development
  2. Jiang Zemin, Take Proper Advantage of the Situation, Seize the Opportunity, and Work Earnestly to Maintain Rapid and Sound Economic Development
  3. Individuals Allowed to Deal in Currencies
  4. Tan Gangqiang, 1993: Zhu Rongji's Views on Economic Operations
  5. Central Authorities Issue Document No. 6 on Strengthening Macroscopic Control
  6. He Jiazheng, Ji Ben, Li Peng's Remarks at a Central Committee Conference on Rural Work
  7. CPC Central Committee, Decision on Some Issues Concerning the Establishment of a Socialist Market Economic Structure
  8. Tax Official Discusses Reforms


  1. Zhao Anhua, Zhang Jun, An Analysis of Military School Instructors' Attitudes Toward Second Jobs
  2. Chu Qingxi, Zhang Xianliang Takes the Plunge
  3. Unbalanced Birthrates
  4. Should Prostitution Be Legalized?
  5. Chen Wenmin, Liu Junming, Peasant Burdens Are an Invisible Knapsack
  6. Pan Suiming, Sexuality in China Today
  7. The Resurgence of Feudal Superstition
  8. Ma Junren, Who Determines Who Sinks and Swims in the Inexhaustible Way of Running
  9. Health Minister Explains Eugenics Law


  1. Editorial Committee, Military History, The Experience of the 38th Army in Entering the Capital to Pacify the Violence
  2. Editorial, Comprehensively Enhance Our Fighting Capacity Under Modern Conditions: On the Occasion of the Beginning of Military Training for 1993 439
  3. Mu Huimin, The "Theory that China Is a Military Threat" Is Totally Groundless
  4. Commentator, Learn from the Nanjing Road Good Eighth Company
  5. Jiang Zemin, Excerpts of Speech Delivered at Generals' Promotion Ceremony Held by the Central Military Commission
  6. Liu Huaqing, Zhang Zhen, Carrying Forward the Fine Traditions Is a Major Strategic Issue of Our Army's Construction Under New Conditions
  7. Wu Wenliang, Zhang Chi, Chen Xingeng, Wei Houmin, He Has in His Heart the Well-Being of the Soldiers: Chronicles of Jiang Zemin's Concern for Army Building at the Grass-Roots Level
  8. Statement of the Chinese Government on the Question of Nuclear Testing


  1. Liu Zhenying, Lu Ping, Jiang Zemin Discusses Propaganda Work
  2. Comrade Deng Xiaoping's Expositions on Building Socialism With Chinese Characteristics
  3. Zhai Taifeng, Li Liangzhong, Similarities and Differences Between Socialist and Capitalist Market Economies
  4. Editorial, The Immortal Lei Feng Spirit
  5. Editorial, Provide People With the Best Spiritual Food
  6. Ding Guan'gen Speech on Implementing the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department Circular on Enhancing Ethics in Journalism
  7. CPC Central Committee, Decision on Studying Volume 3 of Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping


  1. Liu Zhenying, He Ping, Jiang Zemin Speaks to Old Comrades
  2. Deng Xiaoping Celebrates New Year in Shanghai
  3. Wang Huning, The Political Demand of a Socialist Market Economy: A New Structure of Power
  4. New Heads for Authoritative News Organs
  5. He Ping, Zhang Sutang The Light Boat Has Swiftly Passed Through the Mountains: Looking Back on the Seventh NPC
  6. Ren Weidong, Deng Xiaoping in Good Health, Lives Regular Life
  7. Elections to State Offices
  8. CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection; Ministry of Supervision, Joint Circular Demanding that All Localities Strictly Abide by the Principles of Discipline Outlined by the Party and Government
  9. Zhu Rongji Named Head of Bank
  10. Liu Zhenying, Zhou Aiguo, Zhu Rongji Chairs State Council Session 586
  11. Industry Should Learn from Capital Iron and Steel Corporation; Rural Areas Should Learn from Huaxi
  12. Wei Jingsheng Released


  1. Premiere of Movie About Mao
  2. PLA Holds Symposium on Mao Centenary
  3. The Late Chairman Mao and Contemporary China
  4. Zhao Shenyu, "Mao Zedong Fever" in China Continues to Heat up
  5. Bo Yibo on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping
  6. Chen Jiehong, Qiao Shi Calls for Vigilance Against a Comeback by "Whateverists"
  7. Qian Qichen, Study Mao Zedong's Diplomatic Thinking and Do a Good Job in Diplomatic Work in the New Period (Extract)
  8. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a Rally to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mao Zedong's Birth


  1. Chen Xitong on China's Olympic Bid
  2. Zhou Shuchun, Ding Qilin, US Magazine Interviews Jiang Zemin
  3. Zhang Zhengdong, Attacking China in the Name of Human Rights Goes Against the Wishes of the World People (Commentary)
  4. Guo Jishan, The Collective Voice of Asian, African, and Latin American Peoples: Thoughts Touched off by Perusal of the International Human Rights Papers--"Tunis Declaration," San Jose Declaration,"and "Bangkok Declaration"
  5. Jiang Zemin, Letter to the International Olympic Committee
  6. Foreign Ministry, Statement on the "Yinhe" Incident
  7. Deng Xiaoping Wants China to Host Olympics
  8. Commentary, Firmly March Forward to the World
  9. Qian Qichen, Speech to UN General Assembly
  10. Jiang Zemin, Speech at the Informal Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leadership Conference
  11. Ying Qian, Xu Changyin, Jiang Zemin Gives News Conference
  12. Zhu Muzhi, Question and Answer Session


  1. Order Returns to Lhasa
  2. Spokesman Says Dalai Lama Welcome to Return
  3. Address to Soldiers in Tibet
  4. Xining Normal After Use of Lawful Coercive Measures
  5. State Nationalities Affairs Commission, Regulations on the Administration of Ethnic Townships
  6. State Nationalities Affairs Commission, Regulations on Urban Nationality Work
  7. Minister Calls for Struggle Against Separatists


  1. Commentator, A Perverse Act Which Undermines the Basis of Sino-British Cooperation
  2. The Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
  3. Duanmu Laidi, Sun Chengbin, Those Who Are Intelligent Understand the Trends of the Times: On the Wang-Gu Meeting
  4. Taiwan Affairs Office, State Council; State Council Information Office, The Taiwan Question and the Reunification of China
  5. Deng Xiaoping, Our Basic Position on the Hong Kong Question: A Talk with British Prime Minister Thatcher, 24 September, 1982
  6. Xinhua Commentator, A Solemn Announcement


  1. Chen Zaidao Dies
  2. Stories of Deng Xiaoping
  3. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a Discussion Meeting to Commemorate the 95th Birth Anniversary of Peng Dehuai
  4. Ji Hongsai, Profound Emotions of Half a Century: Record of the Intercourse Between Rong Yiren and Our Party's Leaders
  5. Remains of Tan Shaowen Cremated Yesterday
  6. Mao Mao, Cherishing the Memory of Uncle Beardy
  7. Jiang Zemin, Speech at a Forum Marking the Publication and Distribution of Biography of Zhu De and Zhu De's 107th Birth Anniversary

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