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China Documents Annual

Edited by Peter R. Moody, Jr.

The vital decrees, speeches, laws, and other primary sources needed for informed teaching and research, critically selected and prepared by a leading authority. In English. Chapters include Policy Statements; Communist Party; United Front; Law and Government; Economic Affairs; Social Issues; Military Affairs; Thought, Culture, Ideology; Foreign Affairs; National Minorities; Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau; Personalities, Necrology

China Documents Annual reports annually on the developments in China through the use of primary source documents.

Annual continuation of the Hinton document collections.

Volumes 1-10 (1989-1998) in print and contain more than 1,150 offficial documents. Vol. 10 (1998) published 14 February 2003.

Volume 11 (1999) due late 2003.

Each volume contains the Editor's survey recounting the developments in the People's Republic of China, Introductions to each chapter, a headnote to each document explaining the document's importance and putting the document into context, annotation, bibliographies, name, place, institutions and subject indexes.

Each volume totals ca. 400 pages.

$80 by subscription, $10 non-subscription.

Peter R. Moody, Jr. is Professor of Government and International Studies at the University of Notre Dame

Contents of Volume 1 (1989) | Contents of Volume 2 (1990) | Contents of Volume 3 (1991) | Contents of Volume 4 (1992) | Contents of Volume 5 (1993) | Contents of Volume 6 (1994) | Contents of Volume 7 (1995) | Contents of Volume 8 (1996) | Contents of Volume 9 (1997) Contents of Volume 10 (1998) forthcoming.


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