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The Perestroika Parliament!


25 May-9 June 1989. Stenographic Record




  • Complete Official Text, Documents and Records
  • Annotation to Each of the 13 Sessions Added
  • Added Headnotes
  • Annotated List of Speeches at all Sessions Added
  • Added Notes to all Sessions
  • Added Chart of Constitutional Structure.
  • Appendices. A. Constitutional Provisions, Laws, and Decrees (5 items). B. Documents of the Congress (10 items). C. Membership of Executive Bodies and Commissions (10 items). D. Directory of People`s Deputies of the USSR.
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Subject, Name, Place, Institutional Indexes

900 pages; 7 x 10 inches; Cloth; 2 volumes in 1; $180.

The Preferred Edition

  • The added Annotated List of Speeches permits rapid scanning of entire sessions for substance and highlights
  • The added Notes to all Sessions explain speakers' allusions to external events and cross-reference speeches
  • The added Headnotes summarize each session and alert readers to influences that affect the proceedings
  • The Appendices include all legislation, decrees, and commissions cited in the text so that readers know what the deputies are talking about
  • The multiple indexes allow four quick paths to search the contents
  • No repetitive press materials are included
  • The least expensive (by $100), most featured edition available.


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