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Titles not listed below have no firm publication date.
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  1. Religious Documents North America Annual Volume 11 (1998), by Lesley Northup. Due September 2003
  2. China Facts and Figures Annual, Volume 28 (2002) by Robert Perrins. Due September 2003
  3. The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet and Eurasian HistoryVolume 4 by Bruce F. Adams. Due September 2003
  4. Russia and Eurasia Documents Annual, Volume 16 (2002) by J.L. Black. Due November 2003.
  5. China Documents Annual Volume 11 (1999), November 2003
  6. Russia and Eurasia Military Review Annual. Volume 16 (1992-1993). Early 2004

Note publication of our titles "Sports Encyclopedia North America" and "The Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Eurasian Literatures" suspended pending appointment of new editors. Publication of SENA will resume beginning with volume 7, while MEESBEL resumes with volume 11. Qualified individuals interested in assuming editorship of the above publications are invited to contact the Press.

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