Imperial Russia. A Source Book, 1700–1917

Edited by Basil Dmytryshyn

The Academic International Press Edition

The basic collection of primary source documents of Imperial Russia's complex political, social, economic and cultural problems; Russia's colonial ambitions in the North Pacific region, the Far East, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe; Russia's wars with Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Napoleonic France, Japan, Austria-Hungary and Germany; and Russian persecution of non-Russian subjects such as Jews, Poles, Ukrainians and Moslems of Central Asia, and many Russians who dared to criticize the government's domestic and foreign policies.

Documents are drawn from diverse sources such as laws, official decrees, proclamations, instructions, treaties, letters, memoirs, appeals, political programs, literary classics and more. A brief headnote describing the source and historical context precedes each document.

Features a new Preface by the Editor, more than 190 documents on 66 subjects. v, 538 pp., Illus., Maps, Chronological Table, Bibliography. Paper. In English.

$25 each for 1-9 copies. $20 each for orders of ten or more copies.

Contents of Imperial Russia. A Source Book.

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