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Military Encylopedia of Russia and Eurasia

Edited by David R. Jones

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Contents of Volume 2

  1. Administration, Military, Science of
  2. Administration, Naval, Science of
  3. Administrative-Economic Branch
  4. Administrative Establishments
  5. Administrative Estimate
  6. Administrative Inquiry
  7. Administrative Law, Military, Science of
  8. Administrative Order
  9. Administrative Organs, Department of John McDonnell
  10. Administrative Personnel
  11. Administrative Post
  12. Administrative Procedure of Retirement from Service
  13. Administrative Responsibility of a Serviceman
  14. Administrative Service
  15. Administrative Staff of the Red Army
  16. Administrative System and Policy-Making Process (Before 1917) David R. Jones
  17. Administrative System and Policy-Making Process (Post 1917) John McDonnell
  18. Administrative Troops
  19. Administrative Zone
  20. "Admirable" Class (Minesweepers)
  21. Admiral
  22. Admiral Apraksin (Ship)
  23. Admiral Butakov (Ship)
  24. "Admiral Butakov" Class
  25. Admiral Chichagov (Ship)
  26. Admiral Fokin (Ship)
  27. Admiral Golovko (Ship)
  28. Admiral Graf
  29. Apraksin (Ship)
  30. Admiral Greig (Ship)
  31. Admiral Isachenkov (Ship)
  32. Admiral Isakov (Ship)
  33. Admiral Istomin (Ship)
  34. Admiral Kornilov (Ship)
  35. Admiral Lazarev (Ship)
  36. Admiral Litke (Ship)
  37. Admiral Makarov (Ship)


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