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Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and the Soviet Union

Edited by Paul D. Steeves

MERRSU Contents

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Contents of Volume 5

  1. Buriats Helen S. Hundley
  2. Burkhanism David N. Collins
  3. Bursak
  4. Byliny, Religious Themes in Robert L. Mann
  5. Byzantine Influence in Russia Theophilus C. Prousis
  6. Byzantine Influence on Russian Art A. Dean Mckenzie
  7. Calendar in Russia
  8. Calendar, Islamic
  9. Calendar of Russian Orthodox Saints
  10. Calendar, Orthodox Church
  11. Calendar Reform of 1918 Edward E. Roslof
  12. California, Russians in Susan W. Hardwick
  13. Canon
  14. Canonization of Saints (Orthodox)
  15. Cantonists I. Chernikover
  16. Cantor, Greek Catholic John-Paul Himka
  17. Cassian
  18. Cassian
  19. Castrates
  20. Catacomb Church
  21. Catacomb Church in Ukraine
  22. Cathedral Square (Moscow)
  23. Catherine Ii John D. Klier
  24. Catherine, Monastery of Saint (Mount Sinai) Thomas J. Drobena
  25. Catholicos
  26. Catholics in Tsarist Russia J.M.P. Mcerlean
  27. Catholics in Siberia Ewa M. Thompson
  28. Catholics, Old (In Russia) John D. Basil
  29. Caves Monastery of Kiev David K. Prestel
  30. Central Muslim Commissariat Nadir Devlet
  31. Chaadaev, Peter Yakovlevich Robert F. Selsinski
  32. Chant in Southwestern Rus, Znamenny Joan L. Roccasalvo
  33. Charms and Conjuring Joseph L. Conrad
  34. Chasovennye Old Believers David Scheffel
  35. Chavchavadze, Ilia
  36. Chebyshev, Peter Petrovich
  37. Chechens Charles W. Bills Jr.
  38. Chekhovych, Konstantyn John-Paul Himka
  39. Chernobyl Dynasty of Tsaddiks
  40. Cherta
  41. Chevalkov, Mikhail Vasilievich David Collins
  42. Chinovnik
  43. Christ Faith
  44. Christ The Savior, Cathedral of (Moscow) Hendrik J. Miller
  45. Christian-Marxist Dialogue Paul Mojzes
  46. Christians of Evangelical Faith
  47. Christmas
  48. Chudov Monastery
  49. Chukchis Charles W. Bills Jr.
  50. Church Mennonites in Russia and USSR Colin P. Neufeldt
  51. Churikov, Ivan Alexeevich John Eugene Clay
  52. Chwolson, Daniel
  53. Cieplak, Jan Baptist Jeffrey P. Begeal
  54. Cinema, Religious Themes in Soviet Dmitry V. Shlapentokh
  55. Clement
  56. Clergy, Orthodox (In Russia)
  57. Commission on Questions of Religion Paul D. Steeves
  58. Confession of Einlage (Mennonite) Richard G. Kyle
  59. Confession of Faith of The Mennonite Brethren Church Richard G. Kyle
  60. Conradi, Ludwig Richard Daniel Heinz
  61. Conscience, Freedom of
  62. Conscientious Objection in Russia and USSR Lawrence Klippenstein
  63. Conscientious Objection, Leninist Decree Providing for
  64. Council of 1503, Orthodox Church Donald Ostrowski
  65. Council of 1525, Orthodox Church Jack V. Haney
  66. Council of 1531, Orthodox Church
  67. Council of 1547, Orthodox Church
  68. Council of 1549, Orthodox Church T. Allan Smith
  69. Council of 1551, Orthodox Church T. Allan Smith
  70. Council of 1589, Orthodox Church


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