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The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History

Edited by George N. Rhyne and Joseph L. Wieczynski

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Contents of Volume 32

  1. Ruffo, Marco Hugh F. Graham
  2. Rukhimovich, Moisei L'vovich
  3. Rukhlov, Sergei Vasil'evich Hans Heilbronner
  4. Rul' Nathan Smith
  5. Rumcherod N.D. Roitman
  6. Rumiantsev, Petr Aleksandrovich John T. Alexander
  7. Rumiantsev, Nikolai Petrovich Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.
  8. Rumiantsev, Petr Petrovich
  9. Rumiantsev, Sergei Petrovich
  10. Rumiantsev Museum
  11. Rumiantsev's Census E.M. Apanovich
  12. Runich, Dmitrii Pavlovich James T. Flynn
  13. Rus: see Kievan Rus
  14. Rusakov, Ivan Vasil'evich Samuel A. Oppenheim
  15. Rusanov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
  16. Rus'ko, Aleksei Nikitich
  17. Rusov, Fridrikh Nikolai
  18. Russel'-Sudilovskii, Nikolai Konstantinovich
  19. Russia
  20. Russia Company Chester Dunning
  21. Russian: see Great Russian Language and People
  22. Russian-Afghan Conflict of 1885: see Penjdeh Incident
  23. Russian America
  24. Russian-American Agricultural Agency Raymond A. Heider
  25. Russian-American Chamber of Commerce Raymond A. Heider
  26. Russian-American Company Alton S. Donnefly
  27. Russian-American Treaties and Conventions
  28. Russian and Soviet Studies in the United States Abbott Gleason
  29. Russian Archaeological Societies L.A. El'nitskii
  30. Russian Army D.V. Pankov
  31. Russian Asiatic Bank: see Russian-Chinese Bank
  32. Russian Assembly: see Russkoe sobranie
  33. Russian Association of Proletarian Writers
  34. Russian Association of Social-Science Research Institutes
  35. Russian-Austrian Agreements on the Balkan Question I. V. Bestuzhev
  36. Russian-Austrian Convention of 1877
  37. Russian-Austrian-French War of 1805 I.I. Rostunov
  38. Russian-Austrian Treaty of Alliance
  39. Russian Bank for Foreign Trade L.E. Shepelev
  40. Russian Bible Society James F. Clarke
  41. Russian Brotherhood
  42. Russian Bureau of the Central Committee of the Russian SD Party N.V. Ershkov
  43. Russian Centralized State, Formation of V.D. Nazarov
  44. Russian-Chinese Bank Robert D. Warth
  45. Russian-Chinese Declaration of 1913 V.N. Baryshnikov
  46. Russian-Chinese-Mongolian Agreement of 1915: see Kiakhta Agreement of 1915
  47. Russian Civil War: see Civil War in Russia
  48. Russian Commercial-Industrial Bank L.E. Shepelev
  49. Russian Committee of the British Government
  50. Russian Communist Party: see Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  51. Russian Communist Union of Youth: see Communist Youth Organizations of the Soviet Union
  52. Russian Company: see Russia Company
  53. "Russian Creoles"
  54. Russian Embassy to the United States James K. Libbey
  55. Russian Empire
  56. Russian Expeditionary Force in France, 1916-1918 Jamie H. Cockfield
  57. Russian General Oil Corporation L.E. Shepelev
  58. Russian Geographical Society: see Geographic Society of Russia
  59. Russian German Legion
  60. Russian German Treaty of 1887: see Reinsurance Treaty
  61. Russian Historical Society
  62. Russian Industrial Society Thomas C. Owen
  63. Russian-Japanese Agreement of 1907 I.I. Astaf'ev
  64. Russian-Japanese Agreement of 1910 I.I. Astaf'ev
  65. Russian-Japanese Convention of 1867
  66. Russian-Japanese Convention of 1912 I.I. Astaf'ev
  67. Russian-Japanese Pact of 1941: see Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact (1941)
  68. Russian-Japanese Treaties of 1855, 1858 and 1875
  69. Russian-Japanese Treaty of 1916 I.I. Astaf'ev
  70. Russian-Japanese War (1904-1905) Patrick J. Rollins
  71. Russian-Korean Treaty of 1884
  72. Russian Military Fleet: see Navy in Russia and the Soviet Union
  73. Russian Military History Society
  74. Russian-Mongolian Agreement of 1912 V.N. Baryshnikov
  75. Russian Museum John L. Evans
  76. Russian Musical Society James G. Walker
  77. Russian Native Schools
  78. Russian Orthodox Church George P. Majeska
  79. Russian Palestine Society Forrestt A. Miller
  80. Russian Palestine Society of the Soviet Academy of Sciences
  81. Russian Party of Muslim Communists (Bolshevik) Edward J. Lazzerini
  82. Russian-Persian Treaty of 1723
  83. Russian-Persian Wars of the Nineteenth Century: see Iranian-Russian Wars of the Nineteenth Century
  84. Russian-Polish War of 1632-1634 G. Edward Orchard
  85. Russian-Polish War of 1654-1667 Chester Dunning
  86. Russian-Polish War of 1919-1920: see Soviet-Polish War of 1919-20
  87. Russian Primary Chronicle Thomas S. Noonan
  88. Russian Railway Service Corps Frederick C. Giffin
  89. Russian-Rumanian Agreement of 1877
  90. Russian-Rumanian Agreement of 1914
  91. Russians: see Great Russian Language and People
  92. Russian Seasons Abroad
  93. Russian Social Democratic Labor Party R.C. Elwood
  94. Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party: see Socialist Revolutionaries
  95. Russian Soviet Federated Sociahst Republic James G. Nutsch
  96. Russian-Spanish Agreement of 1812
  97. Russian Steam Navigation and Trade Company Peter Weisensel
  98. Russian Studies in the United States: see Russian and Soviet Studies in the United States
  99. Russian-Swedish Treaties of Alliance
  100. Russian-Swedish Wars of the Seventeenth through Nineteenth Centuries A.N. Kochetkov
  101. Russian Technical Society Harley D. Balzer
  102. Russian Telegraph Agency F.E. Saulerich
  103. Russian Telegraph Agency of Tsarist Russia
  104. Russian Timber Company of the Far East
  105. Russian-Turkish Agreement of 1724
  106. Russian-Turkish Agreement of 1914
  107. Russian-Turkish Treaties of Alliance in 1799 and 1805
  108. Russian-Turkish War of 1676-1681 G.P. Meshcheriakov
  109. Russian-Turkish War of 1686-1699
  110. Russian-Turkish War of 1710-1713
  111. Russian-Turkish War of 1735-1739 G.P. Meshcheriakov
  112. Russian-Turkish War of 1768-1774 George E. Munro
  113. Russian-Turkish War of 1787-1791 Thomas S. Pearson
  114. Russian-Turkish War of 1806-1812 G.P. Meshcheriakov
  115. Russian-Turkish War of 1828-1829 Elmo E. Roach
  116. Russian-Turkish War of 1853-1856: see Crimean War (1853-56)
  117. Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878 James F. Clarke
  118. Russification in Tsarist Russia Edward C. Thaden
  119. Russkaia Beseda Edward Chmielewski
  120. Russkaia istoricheskaia bibliografiia Z.L. Fradkina
  121. Russkaia istoricheskaia biblioteka A.L. Gol'dberg
  122. Russkaia literatura
  123. Russkaia molva
  124. Russkaia muzykal'naia gazeta
  125. Russkaia mysl'
  126. Russkaia pravda A.A. Zimin
  127. Russkaia pravda of Pavel I. Pestel'
  128. Russkaia starina S.S. Dmitriev
  129. Russkie vedomosti
  130. Russkii arkhiv S.S. Dmitriev
  131. Russkii biograficheskii slovar' G.M. Gorfein
  132. Russkii invalid S.S. Dmitriev
  133. Russkii istoricheskii sbornik S.S. Dmitriev
  134. Russkii istoricheskii zhurnal S.S. Dmitriev
  135. Russkii mir David MacKenzie
  136. Russkii vestnik Forrestt/1. Miller
  137. Russkii vestnik
  138. Russkii yazyk
  139. Russkoe bogatstvo
  140. Russkoe slovo
  141. Russkoe slovo
  142. Russkoe sobranie N.P. Eroshkin
  143. Russkoe znamia
  144. Russov, Fedor Karlovich
  145. Rutenberg, Pinkhus Moiseevich S.N. Semanov
  146. Rutkha E.I. Krupnov
  147. Rutuls
  148. Ruzaevka Republic L.G. Filatov
  149. Ruzheinnikov, Ivan Semenovich A.A. Karpov
  150. Ruzhitskii, Konstantin Ivanovich
  151. Ruzskii, Nikolai Vladimirovich Jamie H. Cock field
  152. Rybalko, Pavel Semenovich
  153. Rychagov, Pavel Vasil'evich
  154. Rychkov, Nikolai Petrovich
  155. Rychkov, Petr Ivanovich R.V. Ovchinnikov
  156. Rykov, Aleksei Ivanovich Samuel .A. Oppenheim
  157. Rykov, Pavel Sergeevich
  158. Ryleev, Kondratii Fedorovich Patrick J. O'Meara


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