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Edited by Joseph L. Wieczynski, et al. eds.

Russia / Soviet Union / Eurasia

  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History (MERSH)
  • The Supplement to the Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet & Eurasian History (SMERSH)
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Eurasian Literatures (MEESBEL)
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and the Soviet Union (MERRSU)
  • Military Encyclopedia of Russia and Eurasia (MERE)
  • Russia & Eurasia Facts & Figures Annual (REFFA)
  • Russia & Eurasia Documents Annual (REDA)
  • Documents of Soviet History (SovDocs)
  • Documents of Soviet-American Relations (SovAmDocs)
  • USSR Calendar of Events, 1987-1991 (USSRCAL)
  • Soviet Armed Forces Review Annual (SAFRA)
  • First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR. 25 May-9 June 1989. Stenographic Record (CongressDocs)
  • The Soviet Union and the Middle East. A Documentary Record of the Fertile Cresent Arabs, 1917-1985 (SovArabDocs)
  • Sino-Soviet Documents Annual (SinoSovDocs)
  • S.M. Soloviev, "History of Russia From Earliest Times" (Soloviev)
  • The Russian Series
  • Paperbacks for Class Adoption


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"Outstanding academic book."-Choice

The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History (MERSH) is the most authoritative, comprehensive and balanced reference work about Russia, the Soviet Union and Eurasia. It is consulted by scholars, students, librarians and other researchers worldwide.

Presently MERSH consists of 59 volumes plus one index volume (index to Volumes 1-10; indexes for every ten volumes in preparation). Volumes are $45 each; Index volumes $55 each. $2,900 the set., including Supplements. Special terms available for libraries or individuals wishing to acquire the set incrementally.

A Supplement to MERSH (SMERSH) is underway with four volumes in print and a fifth in preparation. SMERSH is also $45 per volume

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