An Encyclopedic Dictionary and Research Guide

Volumes 1­3. in print. Vol. 4 (Index to Vols. 1­3) forthcoming.

The first comprehensive assembly of key terms used in the study of ethnicity and nationalism.Volumes 1­3 contain 21,900 entries and more than 7,000 bibliographic citations.

Vol. 1: A-B-C Paradox­Zollverein. lxi, 758 pp.; Vol. 2: Abasement­Zwischenraum. xlviii, 592 pp.; Vol. 3: Abandonment­Zone of Indifference. lvi, 616 pp. All volumes 7 x 10 in. Cloth. $405 the set


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  5. Non-English Terms.
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  8. Authors and Works Cited.
  9. About the Author.

NET is a comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use listing offering compact, tersely-worded entries conveying vital information on terminologies and related research problems.

The material presented in NET is chosen from thousands of mostly English-language works in the social sciences and humanities, from Anthropology to Social Psychology. About 85 percent is drawn from the literature after the end of World War I. The author has separated this into subjects and topics arranged alphabetically.

NET is based on definitions actually used by scholars in published research. Numerous See also's serve as guides to cognate words, opposite meanings and concepts, and related research terminologies. These appear at the end of most entries. Page numbers in the sources cited are listed.

Entries are of three general formats. Brief items cite one author and give easily understood definitions. Mini-essays cite several authors and give varied definitions. Longer essays cite numerous authors and address complex definitional issues.

Sample Entry

ONTOLOGICAL SECURITY Confidence or trust that the natural and social worlds are as they appear to be, including the fundamental existential conditions of self and social identity (Giddens, 946, 375). See also Ontological Proof, Ontology, Structuration Theory.

What the Critic Say

"...Spira's work is exhaustive and authoritative when a work defining terminology is needed. Recommended for college and university collections"--Choice

"[NET] is simply in a class of its own with no comparisons and is highly recommended"--American Reference Books Annual

" An academic tour de force which belongs on the shelves of all university libraries, [NET] is an essential guide to the key terms and concepts in the field"--Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism

"[NET] is a significant achievement, and makes giant steps toward unraveling the tangle of terms and theories, especially for those complicated by contemporary political usage and complications."--Nationalities Papers

"[NET] is for neophyte and advanced students and veteran researchers in the field of nationalism."--Book News

"Truly Weberian in its comprehension, its systematic scheme of classification, and its sophisticated analyses and syntheses."--Walker Connor


In volume 2, the page number for AUTHORS AND WORKS CITED is incorrectly listed as 439. It is 539.

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