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REDA Contents

  • 1987 The Gorbachev Reforms Contents
  • 1988 Perestroika-The Second Stage Contents
  • 1989 The End of Empire? Contents
  • 1990 Vol. 1 Restructuring Perestroika Contents
  • 1990 Vol. 2 Restructuring Perestroika Contents
  • 1991 Vol. 1 Disintegration of the USSR Contents
  • 1991 Vol. 2 Disintegration of the USSR Contents
  • 1992 Vol. 1 The Russian Federation Contents
  • 1992 Vol. 2 CIS and Successor States Contents
  • 1993 Vol. 1 The Russian Federation Contents
  • 1993 Vol. 2 Central Eurasian States Contents
  • 1994 Vol. 1 The Russian Federation Contents
  • 1994 Vol. 2 Central Eurasian States Contents
  • 1995 Vol. 1 The Russian Federation Contents
  • 1995 Vol. 2 Central Eurasian States Contents
  • 1996 Vol. 1 The Russian Federation Contents
  • 1996 Vol. 2 Central Eurasian States Contents


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USSR Documents 1987

The Gorbachev Reforms

Table of Contents

Introduction viii

1 Gorbachev Speaks

  1. Introduction 1
  2. On Restructuring and the Party's Personnel Policy 2
  3. On the Tasks of the Party in the Radical Restructuring of Economic Management 36
  4. Speech in Murmansk 68
  5. October and Perestroika. The Revolution Continues 85

2 Politburo Weekly Communiques

  1. Introduction 116
  2. Politburo Membership 1987 117
  3. Communiques 118

3 New Laws

  1. Introduction (R. Selucky) 160
  2. On Questions Having to Do With the Creation, on USSR Territory. and the Activities of Joint Enterprises, International Associations and Organizations with the Participation of Soviet and Foreign Organizations, Firms, and Management Bodies 161
  3. On the Introduction of Certification for Officials of the Staffs in Soviet and Public Bodies 162
  4. Law of the USSR on the State Enterprise (Association) 162
  5. Law of the USSR on the Nationwide Discussion of Important Questions of State Life 188
  6. Law of the USSR on Procedures for Appealing to the Courts Unlawful Actions by Officials that Infringe Upon the Rights of Citizens 191
  7. Regulations for Travel to Socialist Countries 194
  8. On the State Plan for Economic and Social Development of the USSR in 1988 195

4 Perestroika

  1. Introduction 197
  2. The Party
  3. Questions of Theory. The Revolutionary Essence of Reorganization (G. Smirnov) 198
  4. Restructure the Training of Party Cadres 202
  5. Energetically Carrying Out Restructuring 206
  6. Economics and Trade
  7. Difficult Steps Towards Restructuring (A. Aganbegyan) 222
  8. Problems and Opinions. Restructuring in the Economy (G. Popov) 227
  9. In the USSR Council of Ministers. "On the Procedure Governing the Creation on USSR Territory and the Activities of Joint Enterprises with the Participation of Soviet Organizations and Firms of Capitalist and Developing Countries" 232
  10. Economic Reform. Finance and Economic Accountability. Should the Ruble Control Production? 237
  11. Agriculture
  12. In the CPSU Central Committee. "On the Work of Party, Soviet and Economic Organs of the Tadzhik Republic to Complete the 1986 Cotton Harvest" 241
  13. The Family Contract 243 In the CPSU Central Committee. "On the Unsatisfactory Use of the Natural and Economic Potential of the Agro-Industrial Complex in the Uzbek, Tadzhik, and Turkmen Republics" 244
  14. Normatives are not Curbs. How to Eliminate Distortions in Planning Agricultural Production 246
  15. In the CPSU Central Committee. "On Additional Measures for the Development of Citizens' Personal Plots [and] On the Fur[her Development of Subsidiary Farms of Enterprises, Organizations, and Institutions" 250
  16. In the CPSU Central Committee. "On Urgent Measures to Accelerate the Solution of the Food Question in Accordance with the CPSU CC June (1987) Plenum Guidelines" 253

5 Glasnost and The Media

  1. Introduction 257
  2. Together in Front of the Television. Straight Talk (A. Mar'iamov) 258
  3. Just How is Religion "Useful"? (Z. Tazhurizina) 259
  4. Together in Front of the Television. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (S. Kondrashov) 261
  5. Speech on Glasnost (N. Kudriavtsev) 263
  6. Learn Democracy. Notes of a Publicist (F. Burlatskii) 264
  7. To Deepen Restructuring by Practical Deeds (M. Gorbachev) 268
  8. Conference in the CPSU CC 275

6 Education

  1. Introduction 277
  2. New Rules for Admission to Higher and Secondary Specialized Education 277
  3. Reconstruction at the USSR Academy of Science (E. AIbats) 278
  4. What the Cradle of the Future Holds. Schools Through a Sociologist's Eyes (I. Riurikov) 279
  5. According to the Old Schedule. USSR Ministry of Education and the School Reform (N. Anisin) 281
  6. Deepen Reform of General Education and Professional Schools (Ye. Ligachev) 284
  7. Place the School's Concerns at the Center of Attention 290

7 Nationality Issues

  1. Introduction 292
  2. The National Processes in the USSR. Achievements and Problems. Questions of Theory (lu. Bromlei) 293
  3. Staring Truth in the Face. From the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (G. Dildiaev, T. Esilbaev) 297
  4. The National Problem and Social Science (E. Bagramov) 305

8 Foreign Policy

  1. Introduction 310
  2. A Major Step Forward, Some Thoughts on M.S. Gorbachev's Visit to India 311
  3. (E. Primakov) For a "Common European Home", for a New Way of Thinking 314
  4. (M. Gorbachev) M.S.Gorbachev Meets with M.Thatcher 324
  5. Mikhail Gorbachev Speaks with the Delegation from the House of Representatives of the US Congress 326
  6. A New Philosophy of Foreign Policy (E. Primakov) 328
  7. The Reality and Guarantees of a Secure World (M. Gorbachev) 331
  8. The USSR and China. For the Further Development of Cooperation (M.Titarenko) 338
  9. M.S. Gorbachev's Statement on Soviet Television 343

9 Environmental and Health Issues

  1. Introduction 346
  2. Responsibility to Nature, Intensify Attention to Ecological Problems 347
  3. For Safe Nuclear Energy (V. Legasov) 348
  4. It's Still Not Too Late! (Aral Sea) 351
  5. In the CPSU Central Committee (Lake Baikal) 352
  6. The Fate of the Aral Sea (V. Sokolov) 354
  7. CPSU CC and USSR Council of Ministers. Draft Law. "Basic Guidelines for the Development of Health Services for the Population and the Restructuring of Public Health in the USSR During the 12th Five Year Plan and in the Period to the Year 2000" 358

Glossary 379

Bibliography of Related Works in English 380


  1. Names 388
  2. Subjects 390
  3. Institutions, Ministries, Committees and Councils 395
  4. Geography and Places 396

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