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Russia and Eurasia Documents Annual 1992

(Formerly USSR Documents Annual)

Volume 2 CIS and Successor States

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General. Protocols, Agreements

  1. Protocols of the Working Meetings of CIS Heads of State, Moscow (15-17 Jan) 8
  2. Agenda for CIS Meeting of Heads of Government, Moscow (8 Feb) 12
  3. Council of Heads of Government of CIS Member Countries, Protocols and Agreements (9 Feb) 13
  4. Agreements Signed by CIS Members at Summit, Minsk (14-15 Feb) 20
  5. An Agreement Between the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States on Electricity Power Engineering (18 Feb) 32
  6. Agreements Signed by CIS Members during Meetings in Moscow (13-14 Mar) 34
  7. Agreements Signed by CIS Members at Summit, Kiev (20 Mar) 62
  8. Agreement on an Interparliamentary Assembly of Member-States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (27 Mar) 78

Chapter 2 Bilateral Relations

  1. Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security Between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation (29 Dec 1991) 80
  2. Agreement Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on Removing Barriers to Economic Activity (27 Jan) 82
  3. Yurii Leonov, Russia and Ukraine-After the Fall of the CIS. Contrary Forecasts by Experts of the Two Countries (18 Apr) 83
  4. F.V. Shelov-Kovedaev, et al., Russia and the Near Overseas (Ex-Soviet Republics) (29 Apr) 86
  5. Treaty on Friendship, Collaboration and Mutual Aid Between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation (25 May) 92

Chapter 3 Military Issues

  1. M.G. Matakin, Army Without Statutes (12 Feb) 98
  2. Agreement Between the Member-States of the Commonwealth of Inde- pendent States on a Single Defense Budget and the Procedure for Financing the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth States(18 Feb) 99
  3. Sergei Rogov, Does Russia Need its Own National Security Policy? The Legal Successor to the USSR Cannot Remain the Same Country in Everything But Name (6 Mar) 101
  4. Aleksandr Aleshkin, In Order that the Dagomys Accords Are Not Left Hanging in the Air Commanders are Leaning Over Operational Maps (9 Jul) 104
  5. Agreement Between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on the Principles of Forming the Russian Navy and the Ukrainian Naval Forces on the Basis of the Black Sea Fleet of the Former USSR (3 Aug) 104

Chapter 4 Common Economic Space

  1. Protocol for Agreement on the Measures Being Adopted in Order to Preserve Economic Links in the First Quarter of 1992 Between Enterprises, Associations and Organizations Located on the Territories of the Commonwealth of Independent States, (3 Jan) 106
  2. Valeriy Konovalov, People Await Goods and Protection (4 Jan) 107
  3. Draft Treaty on Instituting International Economic Commonwealth (IEC) (11 Jan) 109
  4. Aleksandr Sychev, Aid Will Arrive Tomorrow (10 Feb) 112

Chapter 5 Commentary

  1. Olga Glezer, Nikolai Petrov, Vladimir Streletsky, The Updated Political Map of the CIS (Apr) [ + map] 113
  2. Andrei Lipskii, Recognition of Reality As a Condition of Success-Does the Commonwealth of Sovereign States Have a Future? (22 Apr) 116
  3. "Memorial" On the Violations of Human Rights in the CIS (23 Apr) 118
  4. Sergei Parkhomenko, Impatience to Rule (7 Jul) 118
  5. Vladimir Riashin, The Eurasian Magnet (18 Sep) 122



Introduction 123
Chapter 1 The Government and the Political Scene

  1. Law of Ukraine, On Conversion of the Property of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the CPSU Into State Property (20 Dec 1991) 126
  2. Statute on the State Duma of Ukraine (14 Feb) 126
  3. Ivan Besyada, Nationalism-An Ideology That Has a Future…Subjective Remarks on One Conference (20 Feb) 129
  4. Law of Ukraine, On the Representative of the President of Ukraine (5 Mar) 130
  5. Resolution of the Great Council of Rukh on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine and the Tasks of Rukh (18 Apr) 133
  6. The Little Council of Rukh Resolution, On the Position of Rukh Toward the Agencies of State Power (June) 134
  7. I. Plyushch, Speech at the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine Fifth Session on 30 June 1992 135
  8. What Is Going On In Ukraine. Mr. V. Chornovil's Point of View (July) 138
  9. S. Hurenko, To Whose Advantage Is It To See Communists as Criminals? (3 Sep) 139
  10. V.M. Chornovil, A Politician Answers Questions From Readers. A Straightforward and Open Dialogue (6 Oct) 142

Chapter 2 National Laws and Decrees

  1. Law of Ukraine, On the Border Troops of Ukraine (4 Nov 1991) 151
  2. Law of Ukraine, On Taxation of Enterprise and Organization Incomes (21 Feb) 151
  3. Law of Ukraine, On the Privatization of the Property of State Enterprises (4 Mar) 169
  4. Ukrainian Supreme Soviet Decree, On the Implementation of the Ukrainian Law, "On the Privatization of the Property of State Enterprises" (4 Mar) 179
  5. Ukrainian President Decree, Measures for Returning Property to Religious Organizations (4 Mar) 180
  6. Land Code of Ukraine (13 Mar) 180
  7. Law of Ukraine, On the Security Services of Ukraine (25 Mar) 209
  8. Law of Ukraine, On State of Emergency (25 Jun) 217
  9. Draft Constitution of Ukraine (1 Jul) 223
  10. Supreme Council of Ukraine Decree, On the Adoption of Statutes on the Passport of the Citizen of Ukraine and the Birth Certificate (28 Jul) 264

Chapter 3 Nationality Issues

  1. Irina Kaspieva, Ukraine. Single But Divisible? (26 Feb) 269
  2. Supreme Council of Ukraine Law, On National Minorities in Ukraine (25 Jun) 270
  3. Vitalii Portnikov, Bukovnya Romanians Make Their Presence Felt. They Make Ukrainian Politicians Nervous. Meanwhile in Chernovtsy… (7 Aug) 272
  4. 3a Crimea
  5. Statement of the Majilis of the Crimean Tatar People, "On the Political Situation Around Crimea" (7 Feb) 273
  6. Law of Ukraine, Law on the Status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (29 Apr) 274
  7. Decree of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine on the Procedure for the Imple- mentation of the Ukrainian Law, "On the Status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea" (29 Apr) 276
  8. Supreme Soviet of Ukraine Resolution, On Legal Evaluations of Decisions by the Supreme Organs of State Authority in the RSFSR Regarding a Change in Status of Crimea, Adopted in 1954 (2 Jun) 277
  9. Vitalii Portnikov, On What Side Will Kiev Be Entrenched? Confrontation Grows in Crimea (6 Oct) 277
  10. Statement of the Confederation of Repressed Peoples of the Russian Federation in Connection with Recent Events in Crimea (6 Oct) 278
  11. A. Pilot, All-Crimean Congress of Ukrainians Called for Consolidation and Supported Demands of the CrimeanTatars (13 Oct) 279

Chapter 4 Foreign Policy and the Military

  1. Leonid Kravchuk, Have No Anxiety Over Us [Interview with Der Spiegel] (3 Feb) 280
  2. Statement of the United States President G. Bush and Ukrainian President L. Kravchuk on American-Ukrainian Relations and Establishment of a Democratic Partnership (6 May) 284
  3. Law of Ukraine, On Universal Military Obligation and Service (12 May) 286
  4. 4a. The Black Sea Fleet Crisis
  5. Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine is an Independent State Just Like Russia (23 Jan) 305
  6. Statement of the Ukrainian Supreme Soviet of Ukraine (6 Feb) 308

Chapter 5 The Economy, Quality of Life and the Environment

  1. President of Ukraine Decree, On Founding New Training Institutions (4 Mar) 309
  2. Law of Ukraine, On the Collective Agricultural Enterprise (14 Feb) 309
  3. The Economy of Ukraine in the First Quarter of 1992 (Apr) 316
  4. Program of Economic Reform and Policy of Ukraine (23 Apr) 317
  5. Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Decree, On Shutting Down Operations at the Chernobyl AES (1 Jul) 324
  6. Ukrainian Presidential Order, On Measures for Organizing the Fulfillment of Programs for Eliminating Consequences of the Accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Power Plant (15 Jul) 325
  7. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree, On Urgent Measures to Satisfy the Needs of Ukraine for Grain (12 Aug) 325

Part 3


Chapter 1 Baltic States

  1. Introduction 327
  2. General
  3. Statement of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation on Human Rights in the Baltic States (23 Jul) 330
  4. 1a Estonia
  5. Draft Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (13 May) 330
  6. Visa Regulations of the Republic of Estonia (18 May) 348
  7. Veronika Maandi, Estonification of the Russian School Will Not Happen (June) 357
  8. Leonid Levitskii, Non-Estonian Residents of Estonia are Pushed Aside from a Popular Vote-An Afterword to the Referendum which was Held on 28 June (29 Jun) 358
  9. Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation on Human Rights in Estonia (24 Jul) 359
  10. Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia, The Judiciary Law of the Republic of Estonia (23 Oct) 360
  11. 1b Latvia
  12. V. Vizule, We Still Have Not Achieved Our Goals (5 May) 365
  13. Yuri Amstislavsky, Latvia. Not Everyone Wants to or Can Live There (21 Jun) 366
  14. Iveta Tomsone, Language Law Starts Taking Shape (26 Sep) 368
  15. Andrejs Panteleevss, Zero Variant May Lead to Apartheid (3 Oct) 369
  16. 1c Lithuania
  17. Declaration on Friendly Relations and Good Neighborly Cooperation Between the Lithuanian Republic and the Republic of Poland (16 Jan) 372
  18. Lithuanian Republic Government Decree, On Categories of Skill in Know- ledge of the Official Language (30 Apr) 373

Chapter 2 Belarus

  1. Introduction 376
  2. Stanislas Shushkevich, Television Interview on the Minsk Summit (16 Feb) 377
  3. Belarus Republic Council of Ministers Decree, On Maximum Price Levels for Individual Goods and Rates for Service (14 Apr) 380
  4. Law of the Republic of Belarus, On Trade Unions (22 Apr) 381
  5. Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus Decree, On the Practice of Stripping Deputy Immunity from People's Deputies of Local Soviets of People's Deputies in Connection with Their Having Committed Legal Offenses (19 May) 386
  6. Republic of Belarus Council of Ministers Decree, On Additional Measures of Social Protection for Pensioners, Disabled Persons, and Other Groups of the Population (3 Jun) 386
  7. Basic Socio-Demographic Characteristics of the Belarus Adult Population (7 Jul) 388
  8. Nezavisimaia gazeta Report-Belarus (16 Jul) 389
  9. S.S. Shushkevich, Sovereignty of Belarus-Exercise of Historical Justice. An Interview (25 Jul) 390
  10. Stanislav Shushkevich, When Things are OK in Ukraine, They are OK with Us As Well (8 Aug) 394
  11. Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus Resolution, On the Increase in Retail Prices for Types of Food Products (15 Aug) 399
  12. Interview with Defense Minister Pavel Kozlovskii (20 Aug) 400

Chapter 3 Central Asia

Introduction 402

    3a Kyrgyzstan

    1. Law of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, On Freedom of Religion and Religious Organizations (16 Dec 1991) 405
    2. Law of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, On the Government of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (18 Dec 1991) 411
    3. Report on Kyrgyzstan Education Reform (2 Sep) 416

    3b Tadzhikistan

    1. Republic of Tadzhikistan Law, On the Militia (2 May) 417
    2. Draft Constitution of the Republic of Tadzhikistan (30 May) 430
    3. Republic of Tadzhikistan Cabinet of Ministers Decree, On Measures to Fulfill the Republic of Tadzhikistan Presidential Ukaz "On the Creation of the Republic State Migration Service" (10 Jul) 443
    4. President of the Republic of Tadzhikistan Decree, On Improving the Structure of the Republic of Tadzhikistan's Foreign Affairs Administrative Agencies (20 Jul) 444
    5. Alexander Karpov, Tadzhikistan: Migration Service Set Up (22 Jul) 444
    6. Galina Gridneva, Refugees in Tadzhikistan (24 Jul) 445
    7. Report of the State Committee for Statistics…on National Economic Performance in the First Half of 1992, The Recession is Growing More Severe (31 Jul) 445
    8. Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Tadzhikistan Resolution, On the Resignation of R. Nabiev, President of Tadzhikistan (7 Sep) 452
    9. Oleg Panfilov, The Latest Attempt to Overthrow the President has Been Achieved. Rakhmon Nabiev Has Signed a Statement of Resignation (8 Sep) 452

    3c Turkmenistan

    1. Constitution of Turkmenistan (18 May) 452
    2. President of Turmenistan Decree, On the Procedure and Deadlines for Working Out the State Plan for Turkmenistan's Economic and Social Development During the Years 1993-1995 (11 Jun) 463
    3. President of Turkmenistan Decree, On the Introduction of Alternative (Labor) Service on the Territory of Turkmenistan (14 Jul) 465
    4. President of Turkmenistan Decree, On Strengthening Military Discipline and Law and Order Among Troops Stationed in the Territory of Turkmenistan (18 Jul) 465
    5. On Border Troops in Turkmenistan (25 Jul) 467
    6. Vladimir Kuleshov, Saparmurad Niiazov. We Will Keep Travelling With Russia (7 Aug) 467

    3d Uzbekistan

    1. Uzbekistan Cabinet of Ministers Decree, On Improvement in the Procedure for the Sale of Consumer Goods in Return for Coupons (31 Mar) 468
    2. R. Nazarov, The Fate of the Harvest is Being Decided (23 May) 474
    3. Republic of Uzbekistan Law, On Citizenship in the Republic of Uzbekistan (2 Jul) 475
    4. President Karimov Signs Social Security Decree (20 Aug) 484
    5. Interview with Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan (27 Aug) 484

Chapter 4 Kazakhstan

  1. Introduction 485
  2. Law of the Kazakhstan Republic, On Citizenship in the Kazakhstan Republic (20 Dec 1991) 486
  3. Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "On the Procedure for Introduction of…Changes and Additions for the Transitional Period in the Law…On Local Self-Government" (24 Jan) 494
  4. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, On the System of Taxation in the Republic of Kazakhstan (4 Feb) 494
  5. Azimbay Ghaliyev, We Are Growing Very Slowly, But We Are Growing (6 Feb) 501
  6. N.A. Nazarbaev, An Interview (16 Feb) 503
  7. Sergei Skorokhodov, Slavic Report (28 Feb) 510
  8. N. Nazarbaev, The Most Terrible Thing is that People are Growing Accustomed to Killing People (10 Apr) 510
  9. K. Yemelyanov, Is It Possible Kazakhstan's Sons Will Return to their Historical Homeland? (29 May) 514
  10. Draft Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan (11 Jun) 515
  11. Republic of Kazakhstan Decree, About Progress in the Fulfillment of the Kazakh SSR Law, "On Destatization and Privatization" (4 Jul) 531
  12. M. Tatimov, The Fourth Most Numerous Turkish Speaking People in the World. At the Middle of 1992 the Total Number of Kazakh People Achieved 10 Million, 500 Thousand Persons (11 Aug) 532
  13. Nursultan Nazarbaev, We Need a Union (19 Aug) 535
  14. Vladimir Ardaev, Kazakh Border Troops Established (26 Aug) 535
  15. Re-Born Names (16 Sep) 536

Chapter 5 Moldova

  1. Introduction 537
  2. Eduard Kondratov, Moldova. Independent State or Province of Romania? (16 Jan) 539
  3. Captain A. Pelts, Transdniestr Deputies: We Have Come With Hopes for Support and Mutual Understanding (6 Feb) 541
  4. Parliament of Moldova Resolution, On the Introduction of the State of Emergency (28 Mar) 542
  5. Aleksandr Tago, Moldova. The Timeliness of Compromise, Which the Politicians Scorned. Brush Strokes Added to the History of the Conflict in the Dniestr Region (21 Apr) 542
  6. Text of the Agreement on Settling the Armed Conflict in the Dniestr Region of the Republic of Moldova, Signed in Moscow (21 Jul) 545
  7. Mircea Snegur, The Socio-Economic Situation. Problems and Prospects for Improvement (18 Aug) 546

Chapter 6 Transcaucasia

Introduction 550


      Mikhail Shevelyov, The Ostrich Will Fall Prey All the Same (12 Jan) 554

    Armenia and Azerbaidzhan Conflict Over Nagorno-Karabakh

    1. Republic of Azerbaidzhan Supreme National Council Appeal to the UN Security Council (12 Feb) 555
    2. Nikolai Burbyga, Azerbaidzhan and Armenia Exchange Notes and Shots (14 Feb) 556
    3. L. Ter-Petrosyan, Successes In This War Can Only Be Temporary (5 Mar) 557
    4. Ayz Niyazi Mutalibov, Good Luck In This War Can Only Be Temporary (5 Mar) 559
    5. Aleksandr Sychev, The War in Karabakh Reduces the Chances of a Settlement of the Conflict to a Minimum (18 Jun) 562
    6. Ageement Between the Minister of Defense of the Azerbaidzhan Republic and the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia (18 Sep) 563
    7. Feliks Mimikoian, A Choice Between Force and Law (5 Oct) 564


    1. Eduard Shevardnadze, If Only I Can Make It Through the Day and Survive the Night (8 Jan) 566
    2. Z. Gamsakhurdia, I, The President of Georgia Elected by the People Legally... (27 Jan) 573
    3. Georgia (7 Feb) 574
    4. Eduard Shevardnadze, On This Side of the Wall (2 Apr) 574
    5. Alan Kosaev, Yevgenii Krutikov, South Ossetia. Search for Compromise with Georgia. Examination of Possible Variants (16 Apr) 575
    6. A. Ganelin, L. Nikitinskii, Who was Shooting at Shevardnadze?(16 Jun) 578
    7. Republic of Georgia State Council Decree, On the Police of the Republic of Georgia (17 Jun) 586
    8. Eduard Shevardnadze, Popular Political Clichés are Distorting the Real Picture and Leading to Irreparable Mistakes (20 Jun) 597
    9. Eduard Shevardnadze, I Believe in My People's Wisdom (11 Aug) 600
    10. Interview with State Council Chairman Eduard Shevardnadze (11 Sep) 604
    11. Tengiz Pachkoriia, Abkhaz Deputies Insist On Withdrawal of Georgian Troops (15 Sep) 605

Glossary 607
Bibliography 608


  1. Names 611
  2. Subjects 613
  3. Geography and Places 618
  4. Institutions, Ministries, Committees, and Councils 621


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