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Edited by William M. King, Lesley Northup

The statements, speeches, position papers, statistics and other key materials found in RELDOCS--for the first time, in one place, annually, and on an ongoing basis--are the indispensable primary source materials required for any study of religious developments in Canada and the US.

Annual coverage begins with 1989. Volumes covering especially important current and retrospective issues and developments appear irregularly.

Introductions, headnotes, annotation, bibliographies, name, place, institution, subject indexes. Cloth. $80 subscription / $100 non-subscription.

Volume 1. 1989 Spiritual Crosscurrents. Edited by William M. King. 193 documents, 488 pages, 1993.

1 Preface; 2 Introduction; 3 Chronology; 4 Documents (by denomination, alphabetically); 5 Ecumenical and Umbrella Bodies; 6 Legislative, Executive, Judicial Bodies; 7 Statistics; 8 General Interest Documents; 9 Bibliography; 10 Indexes
Contents of Volume 1

Volume 10. 1998 Refraction and Coalescence. Edited by Lesley Northup. 226 documents and links to more than 100 other related documents. 493 pages. 2000

Note Volume 11, Sex and Sensibility covering 1999 scheduled for September 2003. Subsequent volumes will appear each summer covering the previous year. The gap in coverage between volume 1 and 10 will be filled in concurrently with production of annual volumes.

  • "A magnificent resource. The book should be available in public and academic libraries that subscribe to the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches."-William R. Hutchison, Warren Professor of the History of Religion in America, Harvard University
  • "General readers, students, educators, and researchers from various fields will find much in this volume to their liking. Quality compilations such as this one are woefully scarce and are a needed complement to the burgeoning secondary and interpretive literature in the field of North American religion."--Journal of Church and State
  • "The publication of [Religious Documents North American Annual Volume 1] Spiritual Crosscurrents by Academic International Press marks the beginning of a significant publishing project. Well indexed and clearly organized for ready referencing"-Publishers Weekly
  • "[RelDoc's] wide range will mean that professionals and students will now have much easier access to documents from the more obscure but still important smaller denominations and from religious movements which are otherwise not readily available. A very valuable resource for all libraries."-Camillus von Wahlde, Chairman, Department of Theology, Loyola University Chicago.


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