Russian-American Economic Relations, 1763-1999.

By James K. Libbey

Traces concisely patterns transcending even the most cataclysmic changes. (1) Linkage of politics and commerce. (2) Role of third-party nations. (3) Balance of trade factors. (4) Comparative advantages in technology. (5) Trade in minimally processed goods. (6) One-sided, in-country investment. Clarifies a long story and suggests the future of US-Russian economic relations. An ideal textbook.

Praise for Russian-American Economic Relations
"Well-regarded, well-argued, and engagingly written"--Ralph B. Levering, author of American Opinion and the Russian Alliance

viii, 256 pp. 24 tables. Bibliography. Index. Cloth. RS/42 $35 Ten or more copies $20 each.

The author is professor of history at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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