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  • First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR. 25 May-9 June 1989. Stenographic Record (CongressDocs)
  • The Soviet Union and the Middle East. A Documentary Record of the Fertile Cresent Arabs, 1917-1985 (SovArabDocs)
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  • S.M. Soloviev, "History of Russia From Earliest Times" (Soloviev)
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New Edition of a Classic
A.E. Presniakov THE FORMATION OF THE GREAT RUSSIAN STATE. Translated by A.E. Moorhouse. Introduction by Alfred J. Rieber. 454 pp., maps, charts. Cloth. Reprint of 1970 edition. 400 copies. RS/39 $44. Ten or more $25 each.
"Remains to date the single most impressive and original contribution to an understanding of the long and complex process that led to the creation of the Muscovite autocracy."-Alfred J. Rieber

A New Classic. In English for the First Time
Evgeny V. Anisimov Empress Elizabeth. Her Reign and Her Russia, 1741-1761. Translated and with a preface by John T. Alexander. Translation of Rossiia v seredine XVIII veka. Borba z nasledie Petra (Moscow, 1986). 293 pp. ills., maps, cloth. RS/41 $39.
First account in Russian and now English of the reign and times of the daughter of Peter the Great and the predecessor of Catherine the Great. Dramatic and provacative glimpses of high politics, court intrigue, Elizabeth's coup and personality, eminent personages and lively court culture.

  • J.M. Battle, T.D. Sherlock GORBACHEV'S REFORMS. An Annotated Bibliography of Soviet Writings. Part 1. 1985-June 1987. 1988. 83 pp. Paper. RS/43-44 $17
  • Joseph T. Fuhrmann TSAR ALEXIS, HIS REIGN AND HIS RUSSIA. 1981 RS/34 $39. "Fuhrmann's biography of Tsar Alexis tries to be both scholarly and popular. It is."-American Historical Review
  • R.G. Skrynnikov IVAN THE TERRIBLE. Edited, translated and with an introduction by Hugh F. Graham. 1981 RS/32 $43. "The student and general reader interested in an overview of the periods will find Skrynnikov's account engaging, informative, and many-sided."-The Russian Review
  • R.G. Skrynnikov THE TIME OF TROUBLES. RUSSIA IN CRISIS, 1604-1618. Edited and translated by Hugh F. Graham. 352 pp. ills., maps. Cloth. 1988 RS/36 $43. Now the most authoritative account in any language. "Upper-division undergraduates and above."-Choice
  • Paul N. Miliukov THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. Translation in three volumes of Istoriia vtoroi russkoi revoliutsii. Edited, translated and with introductory essays by Richard Stites and Gary M. Hamburg. 870 pp. RS/44:1-3 $110 "One of the most important first-person accounts of the Revolution and an indispensable source."-Slavic Review 155 sets left.
  • Peter A. Zaionchkovsky THE ABOLITION OF SERFDOM IN RUSSIA. Edited and translated by Susan Wobst. Introduction by Terence Emmons. RS/20 $50 "An excellent English translation makes this outstanding work available to a much broader audience."-Choice 60 copies.
  • Peter A. Zaionchkovsky THE RUSSIAN AUTOCRACY UNDER ALEXANDER III. RS/22 $50 "We can be thankful for this able and conscientious translation to David R. Jones who has made a basic work on an important reign available to the nonspecialist."-Slavic Review 96 copies.
  • Peter A. Zaionchkovsky THE RUSSIAN AUTOCRACY IN CRISIS, 1878-1882. Edited, translated and with an Introduction by Gary M. Hamburg. RS/33 $50 "The book should be in every academic collection in Russian history."-Choice. "Outstanding Academic Book"-Choice 87 copies.
  • Alexander E. Presniakov EMPEROR NICHOLAS I OF RUSSIA. THE APOGEE OF AUTOCRACY. Edited and translated by Judith C. Zacek. With an introductory essay by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky. RS/23 $43 "Should be in every college library."-Choice 39 copies.
  • TEHRAN YALTA POTSDAM. THE SOVIET PROTOCOLS. Introduction by Robert Beitzell. 1970 RS/17 $43 12 copies.
  • Boris Nikolajewsky ASEFF THE SPY. 1934/1969 RS/11 $33.
  • V.V. Vinogradov RUSSKII IAZYK. GRAMMATICHESKOE UCHENIE O SLOVE. 1947/1971 RS/21 $50 2 copies.
  • THE CHRONICLE OF NOVGOROD, 1016-1471. Introduction by Walter K. Hanak. 1914/1970 RS/18 $43
  • R.J. Kerner BOHEMIA IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. New Introduction by Joseph F. Zacek. 2nd ed. RS/7 $50 19 copies

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