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Sports Encyclopedia North America (SENA)

Edited by John D. Windhausen

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  • Volume 6 (Berra, Lawrence Peter "Yogi"-Boxing, Bare Knuckle) 1996.

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Contents of Volume 1

  1. Aaron, Barney
  2. Aaron, Henry Louis David Q. Voigt
  3. AAU
  4. Abaft
  5. Abate Robert Lisa Timpf
  6. Abbey Richard P. Munroe
  7. Abbott, Margaret Paula Welch
  8. Abbott, Senda Berenson Lisa Timpf
  9. Abeam
  10. Abel, Clarence John
  11. Abel, Joy
  12. Abel, Sidney Gerald Glen A. Tompkins
  13. Abell, Earl Clark Joseph Roger Sirois
  14. Aber, Doff Mary Lou LeCompte
  15. Abercrombie, Ronald Taylor
  16. Abilene Christian University Sports Program
  17. Aboard
  18. Abseil
  19. Academic All America Kevin M. Provencher
  20. Academics and Intercollegiate Athletes Alan Weider
  21. Ace
  22. Acorn Stakes
  23. Acrosports Richard A. Criley
  24. Across The Board
  25. Adagio
  26. Adam, George Robert Bill Plummer III
  27. Adams Richard P. Munroe
  28. Adams State College Sports Program
  29. Adams, Francis David Mikhail G. Orlov
  30. Adams, John Mikhail G. Orlov
  31. Adams, John James Kenneth J. Walker
  32. Adams, Kenneth Stanley, Jr. Glen A. Tompkins
  33. Adams, Platt Paula Welch
  34. Adderley, Herbert Joseph Roger Sirois
  35. Addie, Pauline M. Betz
  36. Address
  37. Adee, George Townsend
  38. Add-In, Add-Out
  39. Adios, The
  40. Adirondack Forty-Sixers Philip B. Correll
  41. Adirondack Mountain Club Walter M. Medwid
  42. Advantage
  43. Advantage Law
  44. Advantage Set
  45. Advice
  46. Aerial
  47. Aerial Tumbling
  48. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Theory John R. Feick
  49. Aerobic and Anaerobic Tests Thomas M.K. Song
  50. Aeronaut Society
  51. Affenpinscher
  52. Affirmed John D. Windhausen
  53. Afghan Hound
  54. African Pompano
  55. Afterguard
  56. Agajanian, Benjamin Joseph Roger Sirois
  57. Agajanian, J.C. Clifford G. Brockmyre III
  58. Agase, Alexander (Aggasia) Mark D. Kelleher
  59. Agassiz, Louis Barbara J. Stahl
  60. Aged
  61. Agganis, Harry William J. Farrell
  62. Aggregate Match
  63. Aging and Athletic Performance Michael E. Tymn
  64. Ahead
  65. Ahoy
  66. AIAW
  67. AIBA
  68. Aiken Fence
  69. Aikido Richard J. Schmidt
  70. Air Attack
  71. Air Ball
  72. Air Canada Silver Broom Gerald Redmond
  73. Air Force Academy Sports Program
  74. Air Racing, A History Of Dell Rourk
  75. Airedale
  76. Aitcheson, Jr., Joseph
  77. Aitken, Johnny
  78. Ak-sar-ben Cornhusker Handicap
  79. Ak-sar-ben Handicap
  80. Ak-sar-ben Omaha Gold Cup Stakes
  81. Aka
  82. Akron Pros Elona K. Lucas
  83. Akron Sports Program, University Of Elona K. Lucas
  84. Alabama Football Program, University Of
  85. Alabama Freshwater Fishing Records
  86. Alabama Sports Program, University Of
  87. Alabama Stakes
  88. Alabama State University Sports Program
  89. Alaska Freshwater Fishing Records
  90. Alaskan Husky
  91. Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association
  92. Albacore
  93. Albatross
  94. Albert, Francis Cullen Mark D. Kelleher
  95. Alberta Snowmobile Association
  96. Albright, Tenley Emma John D. Windhausen
  97. Albritton, David
  98. Alcibiades Stakes
  99. Alder Richard P. Munroe
  100. Aldrich, Ki Charles
  101. Aldrich, Malcolm Platt
  102. Alexander, Fred Beasley
  103. Alexander, Frederick B.
  104. Alexander, Grover Cleveland John F. Kutolowski
  105. Alexander, Joseph A.
  106. Alexander, William Anderson John D. Windhausen
  107. Alexandria Richard P. Munroe
  108. Ali, Muhammad Joseph A. McCarthy
  109. Ali Shuffle
  110. All Alaska Sweepstakes
  111. All America
  112. All America Bowl
  113. All-American Derby
  114. All-American Football Conference Andrew S. Merrifield
  115. All American Futurity
  116. All American Gold Cup
  117. All American League Championships
  118. All Canadas Mikhail G. Orlov
  119. All The Way
  120. All-NBA Teams
  121. All-Pro
  122. All-Star Game
  123. Allan Cup
  124. Allen, Angus Joseph
  125. Allen, Forest Clare
  126. Allen, Mel James W. Harper
  127. Allen, Robert
  128. Allen, Robert
  129. Allen, Theodore Clifford C. Brockmyre III
  130. Allentown College of St. Francis De Sales Sports Program Barbara A. Weaver
  131. Allerdice, Ellen Hansell
  132. Alley
  133. Alley-Oop
  134. Alligator Walk
  135. Allison, Glenn Richard Rory Gillespie
  136. Allison, James A. P. David Alessandri
  137. Allison, Wilmer Lawson
  138. Allowance
  139. Alma College Sports Program Gordon G. Beld
  140. Almquist, Oscar J.
  141. Aloft
  142. Aloha Bowl
  143. Alonso, Manuel
  144. Alpenstock
  145. Alpine Club of Canada
  146. Alpine Skiing in North America John F. Kutolowski
  147. Alpo Triple Crown
  148. Alsab James L. Grace
  149. Also Ran
  150. Alston, Walter Emmons Daniel L. Conway
  151. Alworth, Lance James R. Kennedy
  152. Amateur Athlete
  153. Amateur Athletic Competition
  154. Amateur Athletic Union of Canada
  155. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States of America
  156. Amateur Athletic Union-NCAA Conflicts Alar Lipping
  157. Amateur Athletic Union/USA Junior Olympics John F. Kutolowski
  158. Amateur Basketball Association of the United States of America
  159. Amateur Hockey Association of the United States
  160. Amateur Softball Association of America Bill Plummer III
  161. Amateur Sports Act of 1978 James L. Grace
  162. Amateur Sports Organization
  163. Amateurism in Sports Angela Lumpkin
  164. Amberjack
  165. Ambers, Lou James L. Grace
  166. Ameche, Alan Mikhail G. Orlov
  167. America John D. Windhausen
  168. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  169. American Amateur Baseball Congress
  170. American Archery Council
  171. American Association (Baseball)
  172. American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc.
  173. American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs Frederick Hebb
  174. American Athletic Association of the Deaf
  175. American Athletic Trainers Association
  176. American Baseball Coaches Association Thomas A. Wheeler
  177. American Basketball Association John F. Kutolowski
  178. The American Basketball League John F. Kutolowski
  179. American Billiard Association
  180. American Blind Skiing Foundation
  181. American Bowling Congress Dave De Lorenzo
  182. American Camping Association Armand B. Ball, Jr.
  183. American Canoe Association
  184. American Coon Hunters Association
  185. American Co-ordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society John Dommissee
  186. American Coot
  187. American Cricket Shirley H.M. Reekie
  188. American Crossbow Association
  189. American Dart Association
  190. American Dart Organization Thomas Fleetwood
  191. American Derby
  192. American Dog Derby
  193. American Eclipse
  194. American Eider
  195. American Endurance Ride Conference Anne therese Ronan


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