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Edited by John D. Windhausen

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  • Volume 6 (Berra, Lawrence Peter "Yogi"-Boxing, Bare Knuckle) 1996.

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Contents of Volume 2

  1. American Football Coaches Association Dick Herbert
  2. American Football League Kenneth P. O'Brien
  3. American Golf Sponsors Inc. Marshall Dann
  4. American Government and Sports
  5. American Grandprix Association American Grandprix Association
  6. American Grayling
  7. American Greyhound Track Operators Association Lois M. Sherry
  8. American Guides Association Loren L. Smith
  9. American Handicap
  10. American Hockey Coaches Association Herbert B. Hammond
  11. American Hockey League
  12. American Hockey League
  13. American Horse Shows Association Chandra Kay Santucci
  14. American International College Sports Program Public Relations Office, AIC
  15. American Junior Classic
  16. American Junior Golf Association Tournament of Champions
  17. American League (Baseball) John D. Windhausen
  18. American League (Basketball) John F. Kutolow ski
  19. American Legion Basebal l American Legion
  20. American Merganser
  21. American Motorcyclist Association American Motorcyclist Association
  22. American National Stake (Four-Year Olds) United States Trotting Association
  23. American National Stake (Three-Year Olds) United States Trotting Association
  24. American Olympic Committee
  25. American Petanque Association John H. Hill
  26. American Power Boat Association American Power Boat Association
  27. American Professional Football Association
  28. American Public Links Championship
  29. American Rafting Association H. Lawrence Patrick
  30. American River College Sports Program American River College
  31. American Roque League American Roque League
  32. American Round
  33. American Rubberband Duckpin Bowling Congress
  34. American Running and Fitness Association Liz Elliott
  35. American Saddle
  36. American Sail Training Association George W. Crowninshield
  37. American Scoter
  38. American Self Protection Evan S. Baltazzi
  39. American Senior Golf Association Tournament
  40. American Shark Association
  41. American Singles Shot Rifle Association Rudi Prusok
  42. American Soccer League Joseph A. McCarthy
  43. American Sportscasters Association
  44. American Swimming Coaches Association American Swimming Coaches Association
  45. American Tournament
  46. American Transportation Bowling Association
  47. American Trotting Championship United States Trotting Association
  48. American Twist
  49. American University Sports Program Robert W. Jensen
  50. American Vaulting Association American Vaulting Association
  51. American Volkssport Association American Volkssport Association
  52. American Water Ski Association Duke Cullimore
  53. American Water Spaniel
  54. American Wheelchair Bowling Association Inc. American Wheelchair Bowling
  55. Association
  56. American Youth Soccer Organization American Youth Soccer Organization
  57. American Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association
  58. America's Cup (Golf)
  59. America's Cup Races Shirley H.M. Reekie
  60. America's Marathon/Chicago Dennis M. Sweetland
  61. Ames, Knowlton Lyman Princeton University Athletic Department
  62. Amherst College Sports Program Sports Information Office, Amherst College
  63. Amling, Warren E.
  64. Amidship
  65. Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl
  66. Amsterdam Olympics of 1928, North American Participation in Francis M. Mason
  67. Amyot, Frank Lisa Timpf
  68. Anaheim Stadium Robert F. Bluthardt
  69. Anakin, Douglas Thomas
  70. Anchor
  71. Anchor Point
  72. Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Festival
  73. Andersen, Greta M. Swimming Hall of Fame
  74. Andersen, Reidar National Ski Hall of Fame
  75. Anderson, Charles C. Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  76. Anderson College Sports Program Public Relations Office, Anderson College
  77. Anderson, Edward N. Mikhail G. Orlov
  78. Anderson, Gary L.
  79. Anderson, Gilbert Auto Racing Hall of Fame
  80. Anderson, Heartley William Public Relations Office, University of Notre Dame
  81. Anderson, James D. Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  82. Anderson, Miller Swimming Hall of Fame
  83. Anderson (Indiana) Packers
  84. Anderson, W. Harold Bowling Green University
  85. Anderson, Willie James L. Grace Jr.
  86. Andre, Denise Long National High School Hall of Fame
  87. Andy Williams Open
  88. Angelo State University Sports Program
  89. Angle Game
  90. Angling
  91. Angling the Crest
  92. Angott, Sammy
  93. Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic
  94. Animal Baiting in North America Shirley H.M. Reekie
  95. Anna Maria College Sports Program Stephen C. Washkevich
  96. Annie Oakley
  97. Anson, Adrian Constantine (CAP) David L. Porter
  98. Ante, Norma Eschenbrenner Bill Plummer III
  99. Antelope Valley College Sports Program Public Relations Office, Antelope Valley College
  100. Anthony, Earl Roderick Rory Gillespie
  101. Anthropology Days (St. Louis World's Fair, 1904) Harvey L. Abrams
  102. Anthropology of North American Sports Alyce Taylor Cheska
  103. Antioch College Sports Program Public Relations Office, Antioch University
  104. Antlers Michael T. Hahn
  105. Antwerp Olympics of 1920, North American Participation in John D. Windhausen
  106. Aparicio, Luis Ernesto Monteil Jr. Karen S. Metz
  107. Apawamis Club
  108. Apostoli, Frederick B.
  109. Appalachian Mountain Club Appalachian Mountain Club
  110. Appalachian State University Sports Program Sports Information Office, ASU
  111. Appaloosa Horse Racing Patrick M. Premo
  112. Apparent Wind
  113. Appeal Play
  114. Applebee, Constance M.K. Judith A. Davidson
  115. Apple Blossom Handicap
  116. Appleton, Lloyd Otto Donald Sayenga
  117. Apple Tree Gang John D. Windhausen
  118. Appling, Lucius Benjamin Kevin F. Daley
  119. Apprentice
  120. Approach
  121. Apps, Joseph Sylvanus Mikhail G. Orlov
  122. Apron
  123. Aquaplane
  124. Aquatic Hall of Fame and Museum of Canada Inc. Aquatic Hall of Fame and Museum
  125. Aquinas College Sports Program Public Relations Office, Aquinas College
  126. Arabesque
  127. Arabian Horse Racing Karen Kasting
  128. Arbitration James L. Grace Jr.
  129. Arcadia Handicap
  130. Arcaro, George Edward John D. Wind hausen
  131. Arch Bowls
  132. Archer
  133. Archery
  134. Archery Golf
  135. Arctic Grayling
  136. Arctic Winter Games Barrie G. Robb and Arctic Winter Games Corporation
  137. Arena Football League
  138. Argonaut Rowing Club
  139. Arie, Mark Peter
  140. Arizin, Paul J. James P. Kennedy
  141. Arizona Fresh Water Fishing Records National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame
  142. Arizona Sports Program, University of Sports Information Office, University of Arizona
  143. Arizona State University Sports Program Sports Information Office, Arizona State University
  144. Arkansas at Little Rock Sports Program, University of Sports Information Office, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  145. Arkansas Fresh Water Fishing Records National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame
  146. Arkansas Sports Program, University of Sports Information Office, University of Arkansas
  147. Arkansas State University (Jonesboro) Sports Program Sports Information Office, Arkansas State University
  148. Ark-La-Tex Handicap
  149. Arlberg Strap
  150. Arlberg Technique
  151. Arledge, Roone Pinckney Jr. Eileen P. Lowry
  152. Arlington Classic Stakes
  153. Arlington Handicap
  154. Arlington Million Stakes
  155. Arlington (Texas) Stadium Robert F. Bluthardt
  156. Arlington-Washington Futurity
  157. Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes
  158. Arm Bar
  159. Arm Drag
  160. Armbruster, David Allen Sr. Swimming Hall of Fame
  161. Armed
  162. Armour, Tommy Dickson
  163. Armguard
  164. Armstrong, George Edward
  165. Armstrong, Henry John D. Wind hausen
  166. Armstrong State College
  167. Army (West Point Military Academy) Sports Program Mark D. Kelleher
  168. Arndt, David B. Wrestling Hall of Fame
  169. Arnold, William (Billy) Auto Racing Hall of Fame
  170. Around the Horn
  171. Around the World Automobile Race, 1908 Paul Shott
  172. Arrowhead Stadium Robert F. Bluthardt
  173. Artedi, Peter Barbara J. Stahl
  174. Artful
  175. Artificial Climbing
  176. Artificial Devices
  177. Artificial Turf Joseph A. McCarthy
  178. Artistic Gymnastics Kristin J. Olson

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