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Edited by John D. Windhausen

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  • Volume 6 (Berra, Lawrence Peter "Yogi"-Boxing, Bare Knuckle) 1996.

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Contents of Volume 3

  1. Art Ross Trophy Lisa Timpf
  2. Ascot Handicap
  3. Ashbee, Donald (Don)
  4. Ashe, Arthur Robert Jr. James W. Morrison
  5. Ashenfelter, Horace III (NIP) Thomas D. and Mark D. McIntyre
  6. Ashiwaza
  7. Ashland College Sports Program Ashland College
  8. Ashland Stakes
  9. Askin Robert William (Bob) Mary Lou LeCompte
  10. Aspen Clifford G. Brockmyre III
  11. Asplund, Harold Andrew Rory Gillespie
  12. Assault John D. Windhausen
  13. Assist
  14. Assistance
  15. Associated Press (AP) Athlete-Of-The-Year Award
  16. Associated Press (AP) Basketball Player and Coach Awards
  17. Associated Press (AP) Football Rankings
  18. Association Football
  19. Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) Angela Lumpkin
  20. Association for the Anthropological Study of Play, The (TAASP) Alyce Taylor Cheska
  21. Association of American Motorcycle Road Racers (AAMRR)
  22. Association of American Rod and Gun Clubs, Europe (AARGC)
  23. Association of Mid-Continent Universities (AMCU-8)
  24. Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA)
  25. Association of Road Racing Athletes (ARRA)
  26. Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame Albert T. Cartwright
  27. Assumption College Sports Program Assumption College
  28. Astrodome Robert F. Bluthardt
  29. Astroturf
  30. AT&T Pebble Beach National Professional-Amateur Golf Tournament
  31. Atalanta
  32. At Bat
  33. Atchison, Ronald William Michael D. O'Shea
  34. Athans, George Demetrie Jr.
  35. Athans, George Demetrie Sr.
  36. Athens Olympics of 1896, North American Participation in John F. Kutolowski
  37. Athens Olympics of 1906, North American Participation in John F. Kutolowski
  38. Athens State College Sports Program
  39. Athlete Michael E. Tymn
  40. Athlete of the Year
  41. Athletic Clubs in the United States, 1866-1900 Alar Lipping
  42. Athletic Heart Michael E. Tymn
  43. Athleticism in Elite Schools in North America Prior to 1919 David W. Brown
  44. Athletics
  45. Athletics and American Government 1888 to 1984 Roy C. Clumpner
  46. Athletics and American Gov ment Since 1984 John D. Wind hausen
  47. Athletics and the Canadian Govern ment Since 1883 Sandra L. Kereliuk
  48. Atkins, Douglas L.
  49. Atkinson, Juliette Paxton Stephen E. Bardy
  50. Atkinson, Theodore F. John D. Windhausen
  51. Atlanta Braves John F. Kutolow ski
  52. Atlanta Falcons Robert F. Bluthardt
  53. Atlanta Flames John D. Windhausen
  54. Atlanta Hawks Karen Marie Barnes
  55. Atlanta International Raceway
  56. Atlanta Journal 500
  57. Atlantic City Classic
  58. Atlantic Coast Conference John Marshall Carter
  59. Atlantic 10
  60. Attell, Abraham W. (Abe)
  61. Attla, George, Jr.
  62. Attlesley, Richard H.
  63. Atwater, Montomery Meigs
  64. Atwood Susan M. Paula D. Welch
  65. Auburn University at Montgomery Sports Program John D. Fair
  66. Auburn University Sports Program Auburn University
  67. Audible
  68. Auerbach, Arnold Jacob (Red) Thomas Tracy Tuttle
  69. Augsburg College Sports Program
  70. Augusta College Sports Program Tim Crosby
  71. Augustana College (Ill) Sports Program
  72. Augustana College (SD) Sports Program
  73. Augusta National Golf Course
  74. Aurora University Sports Program Thomas C. Nelson
  75. Austin College Sports Program J.D. Fuller
  76. Austin-Peay State University Sports Program
  77. Australian Crawl
  78. Autocross Eamonn D. Sullivan
  79. Automatic First Down
  80. Automobile Racing 1900-1916 John F. Barry III
  81. Automobile Racing Since 1916 John F. Kutolowski
  82. Averett College Sports Program
  83. Averill, Howard Earl David Wayne McGrath
  84. Avery Frank
  85. Away
  86. Axel Lift
  87. Azusa Pacific University (APU) Sports Program Azusa Pacific University
  88. Babashoff, Shirley Margaret Ann Eide
  89. Babe Ruth League John H. D'Espinosa
  90. Babson College Sports Program
  91. Baby
  92. Bachtell, Richard
  93. Backboard
  94. Back Checking
  95. Backcourt
  96. Backcourt Foul
  97. Backhand Shot
  98. Back of the Net
  99. Backpacking Thomas D. McIntyre
  100. Backstop
  101. Backstretch
  102. Backstroke
  103. Backus, Robert (Bob)
  104. Bacon, Clarence Everett Jr. Paul R. D'amico
  105. Badgro, Morris Hiram (Red) Mikhail G. Orlov
  106. Badminton Thomas M.K. Song
  107. Baer, Maximillian Adelbert (Max) Robert F. Bluthardt
  108. Baeza, Braulio John D. Windhausen
  109. Baggattaway
  110. Bagnell, Francis James (Red) Thomas D. McIntyre
  111. Bailey, Byron Ledare Michael D. O'Shea
  112. Bailey, Irvine Wallace (Ace) Paul R. D'amico
  113. Bail Out
  114. Bain, Donald Henderson (Dan)
  115. Baker Bowl Robert F. Bluthardt
  116. Baker, Henry Fenimore Jr. (Fenny)

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