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  • Sports in North America. A Documentary History (SportsDocs)
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Sports Encyclopedia North America is designed to be the most complete reference guide to Canadian and United States sports, past and present.

Entries include persons, events, associations, colleges, teams, awards, facilities, terminology, statistics, medicine, legislation related to the world of sports. 256 pages per volume. Cloth. $41.00 each.

Volumes 1-6 contain 735 entries, contributions by 140 specialists, associations and institutions, in 1536 pages.

Volumes in print:

Volumes in preparation:

  • Volume 6 (Berra, Lawrence Peter "Yogi"-Boxing, Bare Knuckle).

"The entries in the first two volumes, covering "Aar" through "Art," are informative and well written. They represent a wide range of topics. Good bibliographies accompany most entries. If the editor can bring his vision to fruition, this will be the best, most complete sport encyclopedia available. Recommended."-Choice

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Academic International Press is seeking an individual to assume editorship of this series. Please contact the Press.


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