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Soloviev's Consistency List

A list of the personal names, places, institutions, ranks, found in S.M. Soloviev's "History of Russia From Earliest Times.


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By Sergei M. Soloviev

G. Edward Orchard, General Editor

The unabridged text of Istoriia Rossii s drevneishikh vremen (History of Russia From Earliest Times), first published in St. Petersburg, 1851-1879, in 29 volumes, translated in 50 volumes from the Moscow edition of 1959-1966.

Each volume is edited and translated by a scholar expert in the time and topic of the volume. Introductory essays and annotation.

Appears irregularly and non-sequentially.
35 volumes in print. 7 volumes in preparation. $41 each. $1,435 for all volumes in print.

  • "The fullest and most important and influential history of Russia ever written."-Horecky, Basic Russian Publications
  • "In Soloviev's twenty-nine volumes the process of `binding and unbinding' unfolds with majesty and immense scholarship. His work remains, perhaps, the most impressive single achievement of Russian historiography."-Martin Malia in The New York Review of Books
  • "Every university and large college library should give serious consideration to making the commitment to obtain this major work. An invaluable addition to the basic undergraduate library."-Choice
  • "Much of Soloviev's narrative of Russian foreign policy, for example, is simply an exhaustive paraphrase of the relevant archival holdings, which makes the book invaluable precisely to the nonspecialist."-The Russian Review

Volumes in Print

  • Vol. 2 Early Russia, 1054-1157 Ralph Cleminson, University of Portsmouth
  • Vol. 3 The Shift Northward. Kievan Rus, 1154-1228, G. Edward Orchard
  • Vol. 4 Russia Under the Tatar Yoke, 1228-1389 Helen Y. Prochazka, London, England
  • Volume 5 From Clan to Crown. The Two Vasily, 1389-1462, G. Edward Orchard
  • Vol. 6 Russian Society, 1389-1425 George S. Pahomov, Bryn Mawr College
  • Vol. 7 The Reign of Ivan III the Great. John D. Windhausen, St. Anselm College
  • Vol. 8 Russian Society in the Age of Ivan III. John D. Windhausen, St. Anselm College
  • Vol. 9 The Age of Vasily III. Hugh F. Graham, California State College, Bakersfield
  • Vol. 10 The Reign of Ivan the Terrible. Kazan, Astrakhan, Livonia, the Oprichnina and the Polotsk Campaign. Anthony L.H. Rhinelander, St. Thomas University
  • Vol. 11 The Reign of Ivan the Terrible. The Struggle Against Bathory and Expansion into Siberia Alexandra S. Korros, Xavier University
  • Vol. 12 Russian Society Under Ivan the Terrible. T. Allan Smith, Montreal, Canada
  • Vol. 13 The Reign of Tsar Fedor Wayne D. Santoni, Southern Illinois University
  • Vol. 14 The Time of Troubles. Boris Godunov and False Dmitry. G. Edward Orchard, University of Lethbridge
  • Vol. 15 The Time of Troubles. Tsar Vasily Shuisky and the Interregnum. G. Edward Orchard, University of Lethbridge
  • Vol. 16 The First Romanov. Tsar Michael, 1613-1634. G. Edward Orchard, University of Lethbridge
  • Vol. 17 Michael Romanov. The Last Years, 1634-1645. G. Edward Orchard, University of Lethbridge
  • Vol. 18 Religious Struggle in Poland-Lithuania. Tsar Alexis' Reign Begins, 1654-1676 Marian J. Rubchak, Valparaiso University
  • Vol. 21 The Tsar and the Patriarch. T. Allan Smith (May 2000)
  • Vol. 22 The Reign of Tsar Alexis. Poland, Turkey, and Ukrainian Cossacks, 1667-1674. Cathy J. Potter, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Vol. 23 Tsar Alexis. A Reign Ends. Martha L. Lahana, Littleton, Colorado
  • Vol. 24 The Character of Old Russia. Alexander V. Muller, California State University, Northridge
  • Vol. 25 Rebellion and Reform. Fedor and Sophia, 1682-1689. Lindsey A.J. Hughes, University of London
  • Vol. 26 Peter the Great. A Reign Begins. Lindsey A.J. Hughes, University of London
  • Vol. 29 Peter the Great. The Great Reforms Begin. K.A. Papmehl, University of Western Ontario
  • Vol. 32 Peter's Last Years. Foreign and Domestic Affairs Gary J. Marker
  • Vol. 34 Empress Anna. Favorites, Policies, Campaigns. Walter J. Gleason, Jr., Rutgers University, Camden
  • Vol. 35 The Rule of Empress Anna. Richard Hantula, New York City
  • Vol. 37 Empress Elizabeth's Reign, 1741-1744. Patrick J. O'Meara, Trinity College, Dublin
  • Vol. 38 Empress Elizabeth's Reign, 1745-1752. A.V. Knowles. University of Liverpoole.
  • Vol. 41 Empress Elizabeth. Domestic Affairs and the Seven Years War, 1757-1760. Peter C. Stupples, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Vol. 42 A New Empress. Peter III and Catherine II,1761-1762. Nickolas Lupinin,Clifton, New Jersey
  • Vol. 43 Catherine the Great in Power. Domestic and Foreign Affairs, 1763-1764. Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr., Saint Louis University
  • Vol. 45 The Reign of Catherine the Great. The Legislative Commission (1767-1768) and Foreign Affairs (1766-1768). William H. Hill, Washington
  • Vol. 46 The Rule of Catherine the Great, 1768-1770. Turkey and Poland. Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr., Saint Louis University
  • Vol. 47 The Reign of Catherine the Great, 1771-1772. The Turkish War and Diplomacy in the West. Brigit A. Farley
  • Vol. 48 The Rule of Catherine the Great. War, Diplomacy and Domestic Affairs, 1772-1774. GeorgeE.Munro,Virginia Commonwealth University

Volumes in Preparation

  • Vol. 1 The Origins of Russia Walter K. Hanak
  • Vol. 19 War in the West Under Tsar Alexis Joan Afferica
  • Vol. 20 The Reign of Tsar Alexis. The Struggle for the West Cathy J. Potter
  • Vol. 27 Peter the Great. The First Years in Power John D. Goodliffe
  • Vol. 28 Petrine Russia and the Great Northern War Lindsey A.J. Hughes
  • Vol. 30 Peter at War. Father and Son Martha L. Lahana

Scholars wishing to contribute to the Soloviev project by preparing one or more volumes still unassigned are invited to contact the Editor at:
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Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 1J2

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