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  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History (MERSH)
  • The Supplement to the Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet & Eurasian History (SMERSH)
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Eurasian Literatures (MEESBEL)
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and the Soviet Union (MERRSU)
  • Military Encyclopedia of Russia and Eurasia (MERE)
  • Russia & Eurasia Facts & Figures Annual (REFFA)
  • Russia & Eurasia Documents Annual (REDA)
  • Documents of Soviet History (SovDocs)
  • Documents of Soviet-American Relations (SovAmDocs)
  • USSR Calendar of Events, 1987-1991 (USSRCAL)
  • Soviet Armed Forces Review Annual (SAFRA)
  • First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR. 25 May-9 June 1989. Stenographic Record (CongressDocs)
  • The Soviet Union and the Middle East. A Documentary Record of the Fertile Cresent Arabs, 1917-1985 (SovArabDocs)
  • Sino-Soviet Documents Annual (SinoSovDocs)
  • S.M. Soloviev, "History of Russia From Earliest Times" (Soloviev)
  • The Russian Series
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Edited by

Harold J. Goldberg


James K. Libbey

It is remarkable that there exists no comprehensive documentary survey of the relations between the superpowers of the twentieth century in any language. Such document collections as exist are topic-oriented and fragmentary.

SOVAMDOCS has the purpose of righting this very unfortunate situation. Volumes are organized by time periods and by topics within these periods. About twelve volumes.
Each volume contains an introduction, headnotes, annotation, subject, name, place, institution indexes. $80 by subscription / $100 non-subscription.

Volume 1 Intervention, Famine Relief, International Affairs, 1917-1933 150 documents, xliii, 426 pages. 1993. Contents of Volume 1
Volume 2 Propaganda, Economic Affairs, Recognition 1917-1933 147 documents, xxxii, 499 pages. 1995. Contents of Volume 2
Volume 3 Diplomatic Relations, Economic Relations, P ropaganda, International Affairs, Neutrality, 1933-1941. 174 documents. xxix, 399 pages. 1998. Contents of Volume 3
Volume 4 Economic Relations, Military Alliance, Second Front, Plans for Peace, 1941-1945. Contents forthcoming. 2001
Volume 5 The Cold War Begins, 1946-1949. 160 documents. xxviii, 463 pages. 2006. Contents of Volume 5
What the Critics Say

  • "...this first volume is thoughtfully prepared, a significant aid to the profession and portends the coming of an exceptional series."-Slavic Review
  • "I find the book very useful...; The selections are well made and the brief introductory statements before the documents are most informative."-Adam B. Ulam, Harvard University

Harold J. Goldberg is Chairman of the History Department at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.

James K. Libbey is a former professor of Social Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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