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Edited by Rex A. Wade and Alex G. Cummins

Until now there has been no comprehensive, balanced documentary survey of the Soviet Union in any language.

SOVDOCS is designed to overcome this situation. To assist research and teaching, it presents carefully chosen, full-text documents covering all major aspects of Soviet national life from the Bolshevik revolution to the demise of the USSR.
Volumes are organized by time periods and then by topics within these periods. Twelve or more volumes.

Each volume contains an introduction, headnotes, annotation, subject, name, place, institution indexes. $80 by subscription / $100 non-subscription.

Volume 1 The Triumph of Bolshevism, 1917-1919. Ed. by Rex Wade.157 documents, xviii, 447 pages.Contents of Voume 1
Volume 2 Triumph and Retreat, 1920-1922. Ed. by Rex Wade. 106 documents, xvi, 406 pages.Contents of Volume 2
Volume 3 Lenin's Heirs, 1923-1925. Ed. by Rex Wade.70 documents, 1995 Contents of Voume 3
Volume 4 Stalin Grasps Power, 1926-1928. Ed. By Alex Cummins. 65 documents, xv, 398 pages. Contents of Voume 4. Preface and Introduction
Volume 5 Revolution From Above, 1929-1931. Ed. by Alex Cummins. 71 documents, xvi, 405 pages. Contents of Voume 5. Preface and Introduction.
Volume 6 due early 2004
What the Critics Say

  • "Highly Recommended"-Choice
  • "Marvelously useful collection."-Russian Review
  • "Basic historical reference. Essential purchase for Soviet specialists...; Basic library resource for advanced undergraduates and graduate students."-Robert V. Daniels, University of Vermont

Rex A. Wade is Professor of History at George Mason University. He is the author of Red Guards and Workers' Militias in the Russian Revolution (1984) and The Russian Search for Peace, 1917 (1969).

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