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"Outstanding Academic Book"-Choice

SPORTSDOCS for the first time documents the development of the spectrum of sports in the United States and Canada from colonial times to the present. The series demonstrates in firsthand, original ways the long-term relationships of sport, society and life. Ten or twelve volumes.

Each volume contains a scholarly introduction placing the volume in its historical context, and headnotes, annotation, subject, name, place and institution indexes. Cloth. $80 subscription / $100 non-subscription

In Print

  • Volume 1 Part 1 Sports in the Colonial Era, 1618-1783 Edited by Thomas L. Altherr (Metropolitan State College). 1087 documents, 496 pages. 1996. Contents of Volume 1 Part I
  • Volume 1 Part 2 Sports in the New Republic, 1784-1820 Edited by Thomas L. Altherr (Metropolitan State College). 668 documents, 469 pages. 1996. Contents of Volume 1 Part II
  • Volume 2 Origins of Modern Sports, 1820-1840 Edited by Larry K. Menna (SUNY, Farmingdale). 145 documents, 420 pages. 1994. Contents of Volume 2
  • Volume 3 The Rise of Modern Sports, 1840-1860 Edited by George B. Kirsch (Manhattan College). 150 documents, 408 pages. 1992. Contents of Volume 3
  • Volume 4 Sports in War, Revival and Expansion, 1860-1880 Edited by George B. Kirsch (Manhattan College). 147 documents, 412 pages. 1995. Contents of Volume 4
  • Volume 5 Sports Organized, 1880-1900 Edited by Gerald R. Gems (North Central College). 249 documents, 529 pages. 1996. Contents of Volume 5
  • Volume 6 Sports and Reform, 1900-1920 Edited by Steven A. Riess (Northeastern Illinois University). 253 documents, 516 pages. 1996. Contents of Volume 6
  • Volume 8 Sports and the Depression, 1930-1940 Edited by Douglas O. Baldwin (Acadia University). 125 documents, 501 pages. 2000. Contents forthcoming

"This is an excellent...resource for libraries with strong holdings in sports."-Choice
"...the series will be one of few indispensable scholarly editions for sport historians."-Journal of Sport History
"These [documents] describe authentic sporting events in such intricate detail and animation that the reader is caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm of the time, the people, and the sport."-American Reference Books Annual
"Kirsch's volume is the third...of a planned 10 to 12-volume series that will be greatly welcomed and substantially used by sports historians, scholars and teachers."-Journal of Popular Culture

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