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Contents of Volume 1

  1. A-1 Skyraider J.R. Dunn
  2. A-1 To A-5 Missiles. See A-9/10
  3. A-3 Skywarrior J.R. Dunn
  4. A-4 Skyhawk J.R. Dunn
  5. A-5 Vigilante J.R. Dunn
  6. A-6 Intruder J.R. Dunn
  7. A-7 Corsair II J.R. Dunn
  8. A7V Sturmpanzerwagen John N. Frary
  9. A-8 Cadet J.R. Dunn
  10. A-9 Cruiser Tank, Mark I
  11. A-9/10 J.R. Dunn
  12. A-10 Cruiser Tank, Mark II and IIA John N. Frary
  13. A-10 Thunderbolt II J.R. Dunn
  14. A-11. See SR-71 Blackbird
  15. A-11 Matilda. See A-12 Matilda
  16. A-12. See Stealth Aircraft
  17. A-12 Matilda John N. Frary
  18. A-13 Covenanter John N. Frary
  19. A-17. See A-33
  20. A-18. See A-29
  21. A-20 Havoc/Boston J.R. Dunn
  22. A-20 Tank Norman Tobias
  23. A-22 Churchill John N. Frary
  24. A-24. See Sbd Dauntless
  25. A-25. See Sb2c Helldiver
  26. A-26 Invader J.R. Dunn
  27. A-27 Centaur John N. Frary
  28. A-28. See A-29
  29. A-29 Hudson J.R. Dunn
  30. A-30. Tank. See T-30
  31. A-30 Medium Tank
  32. A-31. See A-35
  33. A-33 J.R. Dunn
  34. A-33 Light Tank. See T-33
  35. A-35 Vengeance J.R. Dunn
  36. A-36 Apache. See P-51 Mustang
  37. A-37 Dragonfly J.R. Dunn
  38. A-41 Centurion John N. Frary
  39. A-43 Black Prince John N. Frary
  40. AA-1
  41. AA-2
  42. AA-3
  43. AA-4
  44. AA-5
  45. AA-6
  46. AA-7
  47. AA-8 J.R. Dunn
  48. AA-9 J.R. Dunn
  49. AA-10 J.R. Dunn
  50. AA-11 J.R. Dunn
  51. AA Canal Halt Order John N. Frary
  52. A-A Line John N. Frary
  53. AA River Battles. See Mitau Operation
  54. AA River Flotilla
  55. AAAd. See Airborne Anti-Armor Defense
  56. Aachen, Battle o f J.R. Dunn
  57. Aachen, Capture of Norman Tobias
  58. Aachen, Conference of. See Aix-La-Chapelle
  59. Aarhus Raid Norman Tobias
  60. Aaron Cecil B. Currey
  61. AAT-52. See Arme Automatique Transformable
  62. AAV. See Aee Armored Assault Vehicle
  63. AB-9 Armored Car. See Poplavko-Jeffrey AB-9
  64. AB 41 201(I) John N. Frary
  65. Aba, Battle of Tabiri M. Chukunta
  66. Abagana, Battle of Tabiri M. Chukunta
  67. Abakaliki, Battle of Tabiri M. Chukunta
  68. Abakumov, Andrei Ivanovich
  69. Abakumov, Victor Semonovich Phillip E. Koerper
  70. Abancay, Battle of
  71. Abancay River, Battle of
  72. Abane, Ramdane John N. Frary
  73. Abaqa William Hamblin
  74. Abaran, Battle of Anthony R. Santoro
  75. Abascal Y Sousa, Jose Fernando Paul E. Kuhl
  76. Abatis Norman Tobias
  77. Abatsiev, Dmitrii Konstantinovich
  78. Abazinka, Battle of
  79. Abbad Ibn Ziyad Anthony R. Santoro
  80. Abbadids William Hamblin
  81. Abbas I Norman Tobias
  82. Abbas-Abad, Capture of
  83. Abbasid Dynasty Martin G. Arbagi
  84. Abbe, Jean Francois Nicolas Norman Tobias
  85. Abbeville, Battle of J.R. Dunn
  86. Abbot, Henry Larcom David R. O'Reilly
  87. Abbot Self-Propelled Gun. See FV-533
  88. ABC-1 Staff Agreement James J. Bloom
  89. Abd Al-Kader Phillip C. Naylor
  90. Abd-EL-Kader's Wars Anthony R. Santoro
  91. Abd-EL-Krim Anthony R. Santoro
  92. Abd Allah Ibn Ali Anthony R. Santoro
  93. Abd Allah Ibn Amir William Hamblin
  94. Abd Allah Pasha Mushin-Zade Celebi Anthony R. Santoro
  95. Abd Al-Malik Ibn Marwan William Hamblin
  96. Abd Al-Mu'min William Hamblin
  97. Abd Al-Rahman II William Hamblin
  98. Abd Al-Rahman III William Hamblin
  99. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi William Hamblin
  100. Abd Al-Wadids William Hamblin
  101. Abdalzhik Actio n
  102. Abdul Aziz Anthony R. Santoro
  103. Abdul Hamid I A. Riza Acan
  104. Abdul Mejid I A. Riza Acan
  105. Abdullah Ibn Husain Anthony R. Santoro
  106. Abdullah Ibn Mohammed Al Taashi Allen C. Guelzo
  107. Abe No Hirafu
  108. Abe No Sadato
  109. Abe No Yoritoki
  110. Abe Nobuyuki
  111. Abebe, Abiye Tabiri M. Chukunta
  112. Abel, Rudolf Ivanovich J.R. Dunn
  113. Abenaki War, First Bert E. Farmer
  114. Abenaki War, Second Bert E. Farmer
  115. Abenaki War, Third Bert E. Farmer
  116. Abensberg, Battle of Norman Tobias
  117. Abercrombie, John Joseph David R. O'Reilly
  118. Abercromby, Alexander
  119. Abercromby, James David R. O'Reilly
  120. Abercromby, Sir John David R. O'Reilly
  121. Abercromby, Sir Ralph David R. O'Reilly
  122. Abercromby, Sir Robert David R. O'Reilly
  123. Aberdeen, Battle of Norman Tobias
  124. Aberdeen Proving Grounds. See Weapons Centers
  125. Abganerovo, Battle o f John N. Frary
  126. Abinsk, Defense of, Fort
  127. Abirei-Lev 2 James J. Bloom
  128. Abkhazian Campaign
  129. Abkhazian Expedition of 1855, Turkish. See Ingur Campaign
  130. Abkhazian Uprising
  131. Abkhazov, Ivan Nikolaevich, Prince
  132. Ablava-Katselevo, Battle of
  133. Ablecti
  134. ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile). See Anti-Ballistic Missile
  135. ABM-1
  136. Abna Al-Dawla William Hamblin
  137. Abo-Aland Skerries Position
  138. Abo Campaign
  139. Abo Conference
  140. Abolitionism John L. Bell, Jr.
  141. Abor Expedition Peter Harrington
  142. Aboukir, Battle of, 1798 Norman Tobias
  143. Aboukir, Battle of, 1799 Norman Tobias
  144. Aboukir, Battle of, 1801 Ernest Andrade, Jr.
  145. Aboville, Augustin Gabriel, Comte D'
  146. Aboville, Augustin Marie, Baron D'
  147. Aboville, Francois Marie
  148. Abraha Norman Tobias
  149. Abraham, Battle of The Plains o f David R. O'Reilly
  150. Abraham, Erich
  151. Abraham Lincoln Brigade R. Dan Richardson
  152. Abramov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich
  153. Abramov, Fedor Fedorovich
  154. Abramov, Vasilii Leont'evich
  155. Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr. John N. Frary
  156. Abreas Norman Tobias
  157. Abrittus, Battle of Norman Tobias
  158. Absalom
  159. Absolute Weapon. See Ultimate Weapon
  160. Abu Abd Allah Al-Shi I William Hamblin
  161. Abu Ageila, Battle of, 1948 James J. Bloom
  162. Abu Ageila, Battle of, 1956 James J. Bloom
  163. Abu Ageila, Battle of, 1967 James J. Bloom
  164. Abu Ageila, Military Significance of James J. Bloom
  165. Abu Al-Abbas Al Saffah William Hamblin
  166. Abu Al-Khattab Al-Ma `afiri William Hamblin
  167. Abu Bakr William Hamblin
  168. Abu Bakr Ibn Umar William Hamblin
  169. Abu Hamed, Battle of Anthony R. Santoro
  170. Abu Klea, Battle of Allen C. Guelzo
  171. Abu Muslim William Hamblin
  172. Abu Nawar, Ma'an
  173. Abu Sa'id Ibn Timur William Hamblin
  174. Abu Ya'qub Yusuf William Hamblin
  175. Abu Yusuf Ya'qub Al-Mansur William Hamblin
  176. Abu Zakariya I Yahya William Hamblin
  177. Abucay-Mauban Line Charles H. Bogart
  178. Aburi Accord Tabiri M. Chukunta
  179. Abushiri Ben Salim El-Harthi Tabiri M. Chukunta
  180. Abwehr John N. Frary
  181. Abydos Richard D. Weigel
  182. Abydos, Battle of, 410 B.C. Maria Farina
  183. Abydos, Battle of, 322 B.C.
  184. Abydos, Battle of, 200 B.C. Maria Farina
  185. Abydos, Battle of, 989 Norman Tobias
  186. Abyssinian Expedition Peter Harrington
  187. AC-1 Gas. See Blood Agents
  188. AC-47 Gunship Aircraft J.R. Dunn
  189. AC-119 Gunship Aircraft J.R. Dunn
  190. AC-130 Gunship Aircraft J.R. Dunn
  191. Academies, Military. See Under Proper Names
  192. Acadia Campaign
  193. Acapulco, Siege of Peter Harrington
  194. Acav. See Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle
  195. Accelerated Pacification Campaign. See Pacification Programs
  196. Accidental War. See Nuclear Strategy
  197. Accolade Plan John N. Frary
  198. Accra, Battle of, 1825 Tabiri M. Chukunta
  199. Accra, Battle of, 1823 Tabiri M. Chukunta
  200. Ace
  201. Aces J.R. Dunn
  202. Achaean League Military Organization Norman Tobias
  203. Achaean League Wars Norman Tobias
  204. Achaempong, Ignatius Kutu Tabiri M. Chukunta
  205. Achaeus Norman Tobias
  206. Achansk, Battle of
  207. Ache, Anne Antoine
  208. Achelous, Battle of Norman Tobias
  209. Achilleus Maria Farina
  210. Achinese Rebellion
  211. Achinese War
  212. Achinsk Mounted Partisan Detachment
  213. Achinsk Partisan Movement
  214. Achkva, Crossing of
  215. Achse Operation John N. Frary
  216. Achtung! Panzer! John N. Frary
  217. Acilius Glabrio, Manius Richard D. Weigel
  218. Aclea, Battle of
  219. Aclys. See Javelin
  220. Acolouthus J. Drew Harrington
  221. Acoma Indians, Conquest of Andrew G. Nelson
  222. Acontium Maria Farina
  223. Acquinite. See Vomiting Agents
  224. Acragas, Siege of Norman Tobias
  225. Acre, Battle of, 1189 Norman Tobias
  226. Acre, Siege of, 1190-1191 Norman Tobias
  227. Acre, Siege of, 1291 Norman Tobias
  228. Acre, Siege of, 1799 Norman Tobias


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