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Contents of Volume 3

  1. Afghan War, Second Anthony R. Santoro
  2. Afghan War, Third Anthony R. Santoro
  3. Afghanistan's Military and Strategic Significance Norman Tobias, Anthony R. Santoro, John N. Frary
  4. Afikpo, Battle of Tabiri M. Chukunta
  5. Afonso I Henriques Amelia Goncalves
  6. Afonso II Amelia Goncalves
  7. Afonso III Amelia Goncalves
  8. Afonso IV Amelia Goncalves
  9. Afonso V Amelia Goncalves
  10. Afonso VI Amelia Goncalves
  11. Afranius, Lucius Norman Tobias
  12. African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde Tabiri M. Chukunta
  13. Afridi Tribe, Military History of the Anthony R. Santoro
  14. Afridi Uprising Anthony R. Santoro
  15. Afrika Korps. See Deutsches Afrika Korps
  16. Afshin Norman Tobias
  17. Aftakin Norman Tobias
  18. Afyon Karahisar, Military Significance of Norman Tobias
  19. Afyun Kara Hisar. See Afyon Karahisar
  20. Afzal Khan Anthony R. Santoro
  21. Agade. See Akkadian Empire
  22. Agadir Crisis Joseph Held
  23. Agaja Tabiri M. Chukunta
  24. Agamemnon Norman Tobias
  25. Agan, Arthur C., Jr. J.R. Dunn
  26. Agathias Martin G. Arbagi
  27. Agatho Norman Tobias
  28. Agathocles Norman Tobias
  29. Agathocles Norman Tobias
  30. Agedabia, Actions Around John N. Frary
  31. Agedincum, Battle of Norman Tobias
  32. Agema Norman Tobias
  33. Agen. See Roman Military Helmets
  34. Agenor Norman Tobias
  35. Agent Orange Andrew G. Nelson
  36. Agentes in Rebus Norman Tobias
  37. Ager Gun J.R. Dunn
  38. Agesilaus II Norman Tobias
  39. Agesipolis Norman Tobias
  40. Agger Mound. See Siege Warfare, Methods of
  41. Agha Mohammed Shah Anthony R. Santoro
  42. Agheila-Mersa Brega, Actions at El John N. Frary
  43. Aghlabids Anthony R. Santoro
  44. Agiadae Linda J. Piper
  45. Agilulf Maria Farina
  46. Agincourt, Battle of Robert E. Lynch
  47. Agis II Linda J. Piper
  48. Agis III Linda J. Piper
  49. Agis IV Linda J. Piper
  50. Agitation Trains and Agitation Steamships
  51. AGM-12 Bullpup J.R. Dunn
  52. AGM-28 Hound Dog J.R. Dunn
  53. AGM-45 Shrike J.R. Dunn
  54. AGM-53 Condor J.R. Dunn
  55. AGM-62 Walleye J.R. Dunn
  56. AGM-65 Maverick J.R. Dunn
  57. AGM-69 SRAM J.R. Dunn
  58. AGM-78 Standard ARM J.R. Dunn
  59. AGM-84 Harpoon J.R. Dunn
  60. AGM-86 ALCM J.R. Dunn
  61. AGM-88 HARM J.R. Dunn
  62. AGM-114 Hellfire J.R. Dunn
  63. AGM-119 Penguin. See Kongsberg Vaapenfabrik Penquin
  64. AGM-122 Sidearm J.R. Dunn
  65. AGM-123 Skipper. See GBU-16 Paveway II
  66. AGM-129 ACM J.R. Dunn
  67. AGM-130 J.R. Dunn
  68. AGM-136 Tacit Rainbow J.R. Dunn
  69. AGM-137 Stealth J.R. Dunn
  70. Agnadello, Battle of Norman Tobias
  71. Agonglo Tabiri M. Chukunta
  72. Agra, Battle and Siege of, 1803 Norman Tobias
  73. Agra, Battle of, 1707 Peter Harrington
  74. Agra, Battles of, 1857 Norman Tobias
  75. Agramonte Y Sioni, Aristide
  76. Agranat Commission Report James J. Bloom
  77. Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam John N. Frary
  78. Agreement on Measures to Reduce the Risk of the Outbreak of Nuclear War John N. Frary
  79. Agreement on Notification of Launches of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles John N. Frary
  80. Agreement on the Establishment of Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers John N. Frary
  81. Agreement on the Prevention of Dangerous Military Activities John N. Frary
  82. Agreement on the Prevention of Nuclear War John N. Frary
  83. Agreement, Operation Charles H. Bogart
  84. Agreement to Prevent Incidents On and Over the High Seas John N. Frary
  85. Agri Decumantes Norman Tobias
  86. Agrianians Linda J. Piper
  87. Agricola, Gnaeus Julius Norman Tobias
  88. Agridi, Battle of Norman Tobias
  89. Agrigentum J. Drew Harrington
  90. Agrigentum, Siege of, 262 B.C. Norman Tobias
  91. Agrigentum, Siege of, 254 B.C. Norman Tobias
  92. Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius J. Drew Harrington
  93. Agroville Program John N. Frary
  94. AGS-17 Grenade Launcher
  95. Agua Prieta, Battle of
  96. Aguascalientes Convention John N. Frary
  97. Aguinaldo, Emilio Joseph P. Frary
  98. Aguirre, Jesus Maria. See Callas Succession Crisis of 1929
  99. Aguirre, Lope De John N. Frary
  100. Aguiyi-Ironsi, Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Tabiri M. Chukunta
  101. Agulu, Battle of Tabiri M. Chukunta
  102. Agung John N. Frary
  103. Agusta A-109 Hirundo J.R. Dunn
  104. Agusta A-129 Mangusta J.R. Dunn
  105. Agustin I, Emperor of Mexico hillip E. Koerper
  106. AH-1 Cobra J.R. Dunn
  107. AH-64 Apache J.R. Dunn
  108. Ahab Cecil B. Currey
  109. Ahenobarbus, Gnaeus Domitius Richard D. Weigel
  110. Ahenobarbus, Gnaeus Domitius Richard D. Weigel
  111. Ahenobarbus, Gnaeus Domitius Maria Farina
  112. Ahenobarbus, Gnaeus Domitius Maria Farina
  113. Ahenobarbus, Lucius Domitius Richard D. Weigel
  114. Ahmad
  115. Ahmad I Joseph Held
  116. Ahmad III Anthony R. Santoro
  117. Ahmad Al-Mansour Anthony R. Santoro
  118. Ahmad Gran Ibn Ibrahim Tabiri M. Chukunta
  119. Ahmad Ibn Tulun Anthony R. Santoro
  120. Ahmad Pasha Joseph Held
  121. Ahmad Pasha Bonneval Joseph Held
  122. Ahmad Pasha Gedik Joseph Held
  123. Ahmad Pasha Kha'in Joseph Held
  124. Ahmad Pasha, Kara Joseph Held
  125. Ahmad Shah Bahmani
  126. Ahmad Shah Durrani
  127. Ahmad Shah of Gujarat
  128. Ahmadabad, Battle of, 1573
  129. Ahmadabad, Battle of, 1780
  130. Ahmadu Ibn `Umar Tall Tabiri M. Chukunta
  131. Ahmed Khel, Battle of Anthony R. Santoro
  132. Ahmed Pasha "Djezzar" John N. Frary
  133. Ahmose I William Cherf
  134. Ahmose II
  135. Ai Campaign James J. Bloom
  136. Aichi Aircraft Company Wayne Ackerson
  137. Aichi B7A2 "Grace" Wayne Ackerson
  138. Aichi D1A2 "Susie" Wayne Ackerson
  139. Aichi D3A "Val" Wayne Ackerson
  140. Aidan Kathleen Wall
  141. Aiglaesthrep, Battle of Kathleen Wall
  142. Aiguillon Castle, Siege of Peter Harrington
  143. Ailette Norman Tobias
  144. Ailleret Doctrine John N. Frary
  145. AIM-4 Falcon J.R. Dunn
  146. AIM-7 Sparrow J.R. Dunn
  147. AIM-9 Sidewinder J.R. Dunn
  148. AIM-54 Phoenix J.R. Dunn
  149. AIM-95 Agile J.R. Dunn
  150. AIM-120 AMRAAM J.R. Dunn
  151. AIM-132 ASRAAM J.R. Dunn
  152. Ain Djalout, Battle of John N. Frary
  153. Ainsworth, Fred Clayton David R. O'Reilly


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