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The International Military Encyclopedia (TIME) is primarily a work of military affairs, not military history, which organizes military knowledge into alphabetical order and a standard format, with stress on the twentieth century, particularly the post-1945 era. About 50 volumes plus indexes and supplements. $42 each.

Volume 1 (A-1 Skyraider-Acre, Siege of, 1799) in print. 226 entries, contributions by 26 specialists. Contents of Volume 1
Volume 2 (Acrobat Plan-Afghan War, First) in print. 210 entries, contributions by 20 specialists.Contents of Volume 2
Volume 3 (Afghan War, Second-Ainsworth, Fred Clayton) in print. 153 entries, contributions by 23 specialists. Contents of Volume 3
Volume 4 (Air-2 Genie-Albret, Charles D') in print. 86 entries, contributions by 18 specialists.
Volume 5 (Albuera, Battle of-Amenophis I) in print. 134 entries, contributions by 27 specialists. Contents of Volume 5
Volume 6 (American Civil War -Antioch, Military Significance of) in print. 123 entries, contributions by 2 specialists. Contents of Volume 6
Volume 7 (Antioch, Siege of [261-262]-Arges River, Battle of the) in print. 124 entries, contributions by 21 specialists. Contents Forthcoming
Volume 8. (Arginusae, Battle of-Atonement, War of) in print. 145 entries, contributions by 27 specialists. Contents Forthcoming.

  • "Libraries at all levels will want to consider [TIME]"-American Reference Books Annual
  • "There is nothing in print like TIME, and it is a very important addition to any military, intelligence and/or political library."-Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy

Norman Tobias is Professor of History at New Jersey Institute of Technology (Department of Humanities, Newark, New Jersey 07102). He has contributed widely to journals, conference papers and encyclopedias on Byzantine and other periods of military history.

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