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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Archie P. McDonald

Contents of Volumes 1--24, Supplement Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 9

  1. California, State of Norman E. Tutorow
  2. Calkins, Mary Whiton Lisa Williams
  3. Call of the Wild, The Michael K. Schoenecke
  4. Calvert, Cecilius Robert J. Chaffin
  5. Calvert, Charles Robert J. Chaffin
  6. Calvert, Leonard Kay Mauritzen
  7. Calverton, Victor Francis (George Goetz) Lisa Williams
  8. Cambodia, United States Action in Surenda K. Gupta
  9. Cambridge, Godfrey MacArthur W.K. Waters
  10. Camden, Battle of Ronald L. Spiller
  11. Camelot W.K. Waters
  12. Camels in the American West Steve A. Lindsey
  13. Cameron, Robert Alexander Lisa Williams
  14. Cameron, Simon Gerald W. Wolff
  15. Camp David Forrest A. Walker
  16. Camp Ford Andrew L. Leath
  17. Camp, John Lafayette Andrew L. Leath
  18. Camp, John Lafayette, Jr. Andrew L. Leath
  19. Camp Street Theatre Diane Miller
  20. Campaigns, Political Michael P. McConachie
  21. Campbell, John B. John C. Fredriksen
  22. Campbell Soup Company Erling A. Erickson
  23. Campbell's Island, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  24. Campobello Forrest A. Walker
  25. Canadian-American Relations Brian Champion
  26. Canal Zone, The (Panama) Douglas F. McMillan
  27. Canby, Edward Richard Sprigg James Smallwood
  28. Cannary, Martha (Calamity Jane)
  29. Cannon, Annie Jump Lisa Williams
  30. Cannon, Clarence Robert E. Mulqueen
  31. Cannon, Joseph Gurney
  32. Cantor, Eddie L. Moody Simms, Jr.
  33. Cantwell v. Connecticut James G. Dickson, Jr.
  34. Canyon, Steve Timothy P. Donovan
  35. Cape Esperance, Battle of Homer H. Blass
  36. Cape Fear River Region James M. Clifton
  37. Cape Fear River Settlements James M. Clifton
  38. Capitalism Charles W. Brown
  39. Capote, Truman Stephen J. Curley
  40. Capper, Arthur Homer E. Socolofsky
  41. Capper-Volstead Act Forrest A. Walker
  42. Cappon, Lester, Jesse D.A. Yanchisin
  43. Carbon-14 Dating E. Mott Davis
  44. Carbutt, John Lisa Williams
  45. Carey, Mathew Timothy Walch
  46. Carheil, Etienne de James T. Moore
  47. Carleton, James Henry John Kennedy Ohl
  48. Carlisle, Pennsylvania Richard J. Sommers
  49. Carlson, Evans Fordyce Homer H. Blass
  50. Carlsbad Caverns National Park Elvis E. Fleming
  51. Carlyle, Thomas Charles A. Beirnard
  52. Carmichael, Hoagland Howard "Hoagy" Howard W. Smith
  53. Carnegie, Andrew John Waaksrnundski
  54. Carnegie Hall W.K. Waters
  55. Carnegie Libraries D.A. Yanchisin
  56. Caroline Affair Magne B. Olson
  57. Carousel W.K. Waters
  58. Carpenters' Hall Michael A. Cavanaugh, Jr.
  59. Carpetbagger Frank J. Wetta
  60. Carr, Benjamin Lisa Williams
  61. Carr, Elia Kay Mauritzen
  62. Carrier Doctrine Homer H. Blass
  63. Carrier, Willis Haviland Andrew L. Leath
  64. Carrizal, Battle of John Kennedy Ohl
  65. Carroll, Earl W.K. Waters
  66. Carroll, John John R. Griffin
  67. Carroll, Leo G. W.K. Waters
  68. Carroll, William John C. Fredriksen
  69. Carson, Christopher (Kit) Roger D. Launius
  70. Carter, Caroline Louise Dudley Donna L. Clevinger
  71. Carter v. Carter Coal Co., 298 U.S. 238 James G. Dickson, Jr.
  72. Carter, Bessie Lillian Gordy Sarah Christian
  73. Carter, William Hodding, II E. Stanly Godbold, Jr.
  74. Carthage, Battle of Michael L. Gillespie
  75. Cartwright, Peter Joseph E. Suppiger
  76. Carvalho, Solomon Nunes Phillip Drennon Thomas
  77. Carver, George Washington James Smallwood
  78. Cary, Lott Lisa Williams
  79. Cary, William De La Montagne Phillip Drennon Thomas
  80. Casablanca W.K. Waters
  81. Casablanca Conference Homer H. Blass
  82. Case, Clifford Philip Irvin M. May, Jr.
  83. Case, Theodore W. W.K. Waters
  84. Casey Jones (Ballad) Norm Cohen
  85. Cash, Wilbur Joseph James Smallwood
  86. Casper (Caspar), Fort Gary L. Morgan
  87. Cass, Lewis Gerald W. Wolff
  88. Cassatt, Mary L. Moody Simms, Jr.
  89. Cassidy, Butch James L. Collins
  90. Cassidy, Hopalong
  91. Cassin, John Keir B. Sterling
  92. Cassino, Battle of Homer H. Blass
  93. Castine, Capture of John C. Fredriksen
  94. Castle, Vernon and Irene W.K. Waters
  95. Caswell, Richard Andrew L. Leath
  96. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Russell Luke
  97. Caterpillar (Tractor) Erling B. Erickson
  98. Cateshy, Mark Phillip Drennon Thomas
  99. Catherwood, Frederick Phillip Drennon Thomas
  100. Cathervood, Mary Hartwell Joyce Batman Suellentrop
  101. Catholic Church in the United States John R. Griffin
  102. Catlin, George Phillip Drennon Thomas
  103. Catt, Carfie Clinton Lane Chapman A. Elizabeth Taylor
  104. Cattle Paul H. Carlson


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