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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Archie P. McDonald

Contents of Volumes 1--24, Supplement Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 10

  1. Cattle Towns of Kansas Homer E. Socolofsky
  2. Caucus Michael P. McConachie
  3. Caulk's Field, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  4. Cavalier Myth J. Michael Quill
  5. Cavalry in the United States Ronald L. Spiller
  6. Cedar Breaks National Monument Lee M. Allen
  7. Cedar Creek, Battle of J. Michael Quill
  8. Cedar Mountain, Virginia, Battle of Blake A. Magner
  9. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  10. Celestin, Oscar "Papa" Howard W. Smith
  11. Celoron's Lead Plates James L. Murphy
  12. Cemeteries in the United States D. Gregory Jeane
  13. Censorship
  14. Central Intelligence Agency Forrest A. Walker
  15. Central Music Hail Building, Chicago Charles E. Grimeley
  16. Central Pacific Railroad Ralph E. Shaffer
  17. Central Pacific Strategy Homer H. Blass
  18. Central Solomons Campaign Homer H. Blass
  19. Century Magazine Jonathan R. Eller
  20. Century of Dishonor Cline E. Hall
  21. Century Theatre, New York City W.K. Waters
  22. Cerro Gordo, Battle of John Kennedy Ohl
  23. Certificate of Deposit (CD) Stephen L. Gardner
  24. Chafee, Zechariah Jr. James G. Dickson Jr.
  25. Chaffee, Adna Romanza Ronald L. Spiller
  26. Chaffee, Adna Romanza Jr. Ronald L. Spiller
  27. Chaille-Long, Charles Lysle E. Meyer
  28. Chain Michael L. Gillespie
  29. Chain Gangs Michael K. Schoenecke
  30. ChaIIis National Forest Merle W. Wells
  31. Chalmette National Historic Park Jerry Purvis Sanson
  32. Chalmette Plantation A..Wilson Greene
  33. Chambers of Commerce
  34. Chambersburg, Burning of Charles T. Alexander
  35. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Charles T. Alexander
  36. Champagne-Marne, Battle of John Kennedy Ohl
  37. Champion v. Ames James G. Dickson Jr.
  38. Champion, Gower Michael J. Allman
  39. Champion Hill, Battle of Edwin C. Bearss
  40. Champlain, Lake, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  41. Chan, Charlie D.A. Yanchisin
  42. Chancellorsvllle, Battle of Donald C. Pfanz
  43. Chandler, John John C. Fredriksen
  44. Chandler, Raymond Thornton James L. Collins
  45. Chandler, Zachariah Kay Mauritzen
  46. Chaney, Lon Jean H. Miculka
  47. Channel Island National Park Jonathan Jeffrey
  48. Channing, Edward Timothy P. Donovan
  49. Channing, William Ellery John Waksmundski
  50. Chantey Stephen J. Curley
  51. Chantilly, Battle of Harris D. Riley Jr. M.D.
  52. Chapbooks Deborah J. Kuhlmann
  53. Chaplains, Corps of
  54. Chaplin, Charles Spencer Donald F. Larsson
  55. Chaplin, Ralph Hosea Frederick C. Giffin
  56. Chapman, John Gadsby L. Moody Simms Jr.
  57. Chapman, Maria Weston Frederick C. Giffin
  58. Chapman, Reuben William H. Stewart
  59. Chapultepec, Act of Thomas H. Buckley
  60. Chapultepec Castle, Battle of John Kennedy Ohl
  61. Charismatic Movement Richard G. Kyle
  62. Charge Accounts
  63. Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge James G. Dickson Jr.
  64. Charleston and Hamburg Railroad Bernard A. Block
  65. Charleston Harbor, Defense of J. Michael Quill
  66. Charleston Indian Trade James M. Clifton
  67. Charleston, South Carolina James M. Clifton
  68. Charleston, West Virginia
  69. Charlotte, Treaty of Camp James L. Murphy
  70. Charlotte, Fort J. Barton Starr
  71. Charlotte, North Carolina
  72. Charlottesville, Virginia
  73. Charter, Atlantic Phillip E. Koerper
  74. Chase, Ilka Russell Luke
  75. Chase Impeachment John David Healy
  76. Chase, Salmon Portland Gerald W. Wolff
  77. Chase, William Henry Gary L. Morgan
  78. Chase, William Merritt L. Moody Simms Jr.
  79. Chateau-Thierry, Battle of John Kennedy Ohl
  80. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Jonathan Jeffrey
  81. Chattanooga, Battle of Daniel A. Brown
  82. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  83. Chatterton, Ruth Connie Rudd
  84. Chauncy, Charles Walter H. Conser Jr.
  85. Chautaugua Stephen F. Conroy
  86. Chavez, Dionicio (Dennis) Thomas E. Chavez
  87. Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin Joseph E. Suppiger
  88. Checks and Balances Michael P. McConachie
  89. Cheney, Sheldon Warren Trina Green Taylor
  90. Chennault, Claire Lee Homer H. Blass
  91. Cherokee Indians Thomas Burnell Colbert
  92. Cherokee Nation v. Georgia James G. Dickson Jr.
  93. Cherokee National Female Seminary R. Halliburton Jr.
  94. Cherokee National Male Seminary R. Halliburton Jr.
  95. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal William R. Sutton
  96. Chesapeake Bay
  97. Chesapeake-Leopard Incident Magne B. Olson
  98. Chesapeake-Shannon, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  99. Chesnut, Mary Boykin Miller Susan E. Thurman
  100. Chester, Peter J. Barton Starr
  101. Chestnut Street Theatre W.K. Waters
  102. Chevalier, Maurice Auguste Jean H. Miculka
  103. Chevrolet Motor Company William R. Sutton
  104. Cheyenne Depot (Camp Carlin) Gary L. Morgan
  105. Chicago Auditorium Theatre Charles E. Grimsley
  106. Chicago Bears
  107. Chicago Blackhawks
  108. Chicago Board of Trade Stephen L. Gardner
  109. Chicago Bulls
  110. Chicago Cardinals
  111. Chicago Cubs John D. Fairfield
  112. Chicago Great Western Railroad H. Roger Grant
  113. Chicago, Illinois
  114. Chicago Race Riot Howard W. Smith
  115. Chicago Theological Seminary Frederick Hale
  116. Chicago White Sox
  117. Chicano Movement David A. Sandoval


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