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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Archie P. McDonald

Contents of Volumes 1--24, Supplement Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 11

  1. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Jonathan Jeffrey
  2. Chickamauga, Battle of A. Wilson Greene
  3. Chief of Naval Operations John Kennedy Ohl
  4. Chief of Staff John Kennedy Ohl
  5. Childhood Diseases Harris D. Riley Jr., M.D.
  6. Children's Bureau
  7. Children's Museums
  8. Children's Television Workship Sylvia Ciernick Broady
  9. Children's Theatre Barbara T. Salisbury
  10. Children's Theatre Conference Barbara T. Salisbury
  11. Child Support Enforcement, Office of Lee M. Allen
  12. Childs, Thomas John C. Fredriksen
  13. Chilton, William Parish William H. Stewart
  14. Chimney Rock National Historic Site Lee M. Allen
  15. Chinatown Donald F. Larsson
  16. Chinese Americans Raymond Lou
  17. Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
  18. Chinese Exclusion Act Raymond Lou
  19. Chippewa, Battle of Jack W. Thacker
  20. Chippewa Indians James T. Moore
  21. Chippewa National Forest
  22. Chisholm Trail Ronald H. Ridgley
  23. Chisholm Trail Historical Museum
  24. Chisholm v. Georgia James G. Dickson Jr.
  25. Chisum, John Simpson Harwood P. Hinton Jr.
  26. Choctaw Indians James T. Moore
  27. Cholera David L. Ferch
  28. Chopin, Kate O'Flaherty Donald F. Larsson
  29. Chorpenning, Charlotte Barrows Jean H. Miculka
  30. Chorus Line, A W.K. Waters
  31. Chosin Reservoir Operation Rick Brock
  32. Christadelphians Richard G. Kyle
  33. Christian Science
  34. Christy, Edwin "Ned" Pearce Bill Raoul
  35. Chrysler Corporation Erling A. Erickson
  36. Chrysler's Farm, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  37. Chrysler, Walter Percy C.K. McFarland
  38. Chrystie, John John C. Fredriksen
  39. Chugach National Forest Mary Childers Mangusso
  40. Church, Frank James G. Dickson Jr.
  41. Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer Homer H. Blass
  42. Church of Christ, Scientists Richard G. Kyle
  43. Church of Jesus
  44. Christ of Latter-Day Saints Roger D. Launius
  45. Church, The Richard G. Kyle
  46. Churubusco John Kennedy Ohl
  47. Cibola Donald C. Cutter
  48. Cincinnati Bengals
  49. Cincinnati Fire Museum
  50. Cincinnati Historical Society
  51. Cincinnati, Ohio John D. Fairfield
  52. Cincinnati Reds
  53. Cincinnati Red Stockings Robert S. Maxwell
  54. Cincinnati Royals
  55. Cincinnati, University of
  56. Cinemascupe Erin K. Shaw
  57. Cinematugrapher W.K. Waters
  58. Cinematography W.K. Waters
  59. Cinerama J. Michael Quill
  60. Circuit Court of Appeal Mary L. Carns
  61. Circus Stephen S. Conroy
  62. Ciscu Kid Bill O'Neal
  63. Cities in American History Virgil A. Rogers
  64. Citizen Kane Donald F. Larsson
  65. Citizens' Councils Joe P Dunn
  66. City Beautiful and City Efficient Movements in the United States Fredrick M. Spletstoser
  67. City Charter Michael P McConachie
  68. City Commissiun Plan C. William HiIl
  69. City Council-Manager Plan C. William Hill Jr.
  70. City Councils Ronald G. Claunch
  71. City-County Consolidation Michael P. McConachie
  72. City Lights Britt Brannan
  73. City Point, Virginia James H. Blankenship Jr.
  74. Civil Aeronautics Authurity Forrest A. Walker
  75. Civil Air Patrol Roderick C. Johnson
  76. Civil Division, United States Department of Justice James G. Dickyon Jr.
  77. Civil Liberties William D. Pederson
  78. Civil Rights Act of 1866, 1870, 1871, 1875 Thomas J. Davis
  79. Civil Rights Act of 1957 Ronald Schlundt
  80. Civil Rights Act of 1960 Ronald Schlundt
  81. Civil Rights Act of 1964
  82. Civil Rights Act of 1968 Forrest A. Walker
  83. Civil Rights, Commission on Audra L. Prewitt
  84. Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice Audra L. Prewitt
  85. Civil Rights, Offices of Lee M. Allen
  86. Civil Rights Revolution Monroe Billington
  87. Civil Service Michael P. McConachie
  88. Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 Lee M. Allen
  89. Civil War, American J. Michael Quill


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