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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Donald W. Whisenhunt

Contents of Volumes 1--24, Supplement Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 14

  1. Colonial Family in Early America David T. Courtwright
  2. Colonial National Historical Park John David Healy
  3. Colonial Trade Russell M. Magnaghi
  4. Colonial Wars Joseph A. Devine Jr.
  5. Colonization Movement J. Michael Quill
  6. Colorado National Monument Larry B. Harris
  7. Colorado River Janet O. Frost
  8. Colorado River Commission John F. Hagen and Zachary Smith
  9. Colorado Springs, Colorado Larry B. Harris
  10. Colorado, State of Liston E. Leyendecker
  11. Colored Farmers' National Alliance and Cooperative Union Kenneth J. Bindas
  12. Colston, Raleigh Edward Harris D. Riley Jr.
  13. Colt, Samuel Jim Collins
  14. Colter, John Larry B. Harris
  15. Coltrane, John William L. Moody Simms Jr.
  16. Columbia Broadcasting System John David Healy
  17. Columbia Broadcasting System v. Democratic National Committee John David Healy
  18. Columbia Conserve Company James E. Fickle
  19. Columbia Pictures Forrest A. Walker
  20. Columbia River Treaty Kay Rogers and Zachary Smith
  21. Columbian Exposition Jane A. Preddy
  22. Columbo, Russ Howard W. Smith
  23. Columbus, Christopher Delno C. West
  24. Columbus Day Russell M. Magnaghi
  25. Columbus, Georgia Bradley R. Rice
  26. Colyer, Vincent Phillip D. Thomas
  27. Comanche Indians Charles Kenner
  28. Comancheros Charles Kenner
  29. Combine Erling A. Erickson
  30. Combined Bomber Offensive Plan Frank T. Edwards
  31. Combined Chiefs of Staff John Kennedy Ohl
  32. Combs, Leslie John C. Fredriksen
  33. Come Back, Little Sheba Arthur F. McClure II
  34. Comedians Forrest A. Walker
  35. Comedy, United States Stage W.K. Waters
  36. Comenius, John Amos Deborah Rinderknecht
  37. Comic Books D.A. Yanchisin
  38. Commerce, Department of James G. Dickson Jr.
  39. Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act Roger R. Carter and Zachary Smith
  40. Committee for the Re-Election of the President Forrest A. Walker
  41. Committee of Secret Correspondence James F. Willis
  42. Committee of Thirteen Thomas L. Dunn
  43. Committee of Thirty-Three Thomas L. Dunn
  44. Committee on Public Information John Kennedy Ohl
  45. Committee on the Conduct of the War J. Michael Quill
  46. Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies James F. Willis
  47. Committees of Safety Ronald J. Lettieri
  48. Commodity Credit Corporation Forrest A. Walker
  49. Common Sense Charles A. Beirnard
  50. Commons, John Rodgers Thomas L. Dunn
  51. Commonwealth College James E. Fickle
  52. Commonwealth v. Hunt C.K. McFarland
  53. Commonwealth v. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti John David Healy
  54. Communal Societies in Nineteenth-Century America Deborah Rinderknecht
  55. Communicable Disease Center of the United States John David Healy
  56. Communications Command, Air Force Thomas F. Ofcansky
  57. Communism, Impact on the United States Willard D. Keim
  58. Communist-Front Organizations Willard D. Keim
  59. Communist Information Bureau (Cominform) Willard D. Keim
  60. Communist International (Comintern) Willard D. Keim
  61. Community College Ronald H. Ridgley
  62. Compact, Interstate William H. Stewart
  63. Compagnie D'Occident, La Russell M. Magnaghi
  64. Company of One Hundred Associates Russell M. Magnaghi
  65. Company Town William H. Mulligan Jr.
  66. Compromise of 1820 (Missouri Compromise) Bruce A. Glasrud and James A. Halseth
  67. Compromise of 1850 J. Michael Quill


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