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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Donald W. Whisenhunt

Contents of Volumes 1--24, Supplement Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 16

  1. Cook, George Cram Alan Kreizenbeck
  2. Cook, James Janet Owens Frost
  3. Cook, Joe Bill Raoul
  4. Cook, Will Marion Christopher N. Bonds
  5. Cooke, George Willis Forrest A. Walker
  6. Cooke, Morris Llewellyn Stephen F. Strausberg
  7. Cooke, Philip St. George Raymond Wilson
  8. Cook's Mills, Battle of John C. Fredriksen
  9. Cooley, Thomas McIntyre David M. Gold
  10. Cooley v. Board of Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia Thomas C. Mackey
  11. Coolidge, John Calvin Bruce J. Dierenfield
  12. Cooper, Anthony Ashley, First Earl of Shaftesbury Bruce C. Daniels
  13. Cooper, Douglas Hancock Harris D. Riley, Jr.
  14. Cooper, Gary L. Moody Simms, Jr.
  15. Cooper, James Fenimore Stephen J. Curley
  16. Cooper, Kent Sylvia Ciernick Broady
  17. Cooper, Peter Ronald H. Ridgley
  18. Cooper, Samuel Ronald H. Ridgley
  19. Cooper, Thomas Abthorpe Russell Luke
  20. Cooper v. Aaron Thomas C. Mackey
  21. Cooperative Federalism William H. Stewart
  22. Cooperative Forest Management Act Martin D. Moore and Zachary A. Smith
  23. Coosa Indians Phillip E. Koerper
  24. Coote, Richard Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush
  25. Cope, Edward Drinker Keir B. Sterling
  26. Copena Culture Phillip E. Koerper
  27. Copland, Aaron Christopher N. Bonds
  28. Copley, John Singleton Catherine N. Blaser and Kent Blaser
  29. Coppage v. Kansas Robert S. La Forte
  30. Copperhead Press Sylvia Ciernick Broady
  31. Copperheads Matthew B. Veatch
  32. Coppin State University Jonathan Jeffrey
  33. Coquette, The Ronald J. Lettieri
  34. Coral Sea, Battle of the John Kennedy Ohl
  35. Corcoran, Thomas Gardiner Forrest A. Walker
  36. Corcoran, William Wilson Irving Katz
  37. Cordry, Donald Bush John Davies
  38. Corey, Lewis Thomas L. Dunn
  39. Corfield v. Coryell Thomas C. Mackey
  40. Corinth, Battle of Edwin C. Bearss
  41. Corn James M. Clifton
  42. Corn Dance Janet Owens Frost
  43. Corn Laws Phillip E. Koerper
  44. Cornell, Katherine Russell Luke
  45. Corner Stone Speech Peter Augustine Lawler
  46. Cornish, Samuel E. James Smallwood
  47. Cornplanter Raymond Wilson
  48. Cornwallis, Charles Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush
  49. Coronado, Francisco Vazquez de Gerald Theisen
  50. Corporation Stephen L. Gardner
  51. Corps d'Afrique David M. Gold
  52. Corps of Engineers, United States Army Jeffrey A. Swan and Zachary A. Smith
  53. Corregidor, Battle of Tommy R. Young II
  54. Corrupt Bargain Magne B. Olson
  55. Corrupt Practices Act of 1925 Forrest A. Walker
  56. Corse, John Murray Ronald H. Ridgley
  57. Corte-Real, Gaspar Russell M. Magnaghi
  58. Corwin, Edward Samuel William H. Stewart
  59. Cory, Charles Barney Penelope Krosch
  60. Cosby, William Thomas L. Dunn
  61. Cosmology John David Healy
  62. Cosmopolitan Jonathan R. Eller
  63. Costello, Lou Russell Luke
  64. Costigan, Edward Prentiss Robert S. La Forte
  65. Costume Design in the Theatre, History of Bruce H. Goodrich
  66. Cottey College Alice Davis-Rains
  67. Cotton James M. Clifton
  68. Cotton Gin James M. Clifton
  69. Cotton, John Kenneth J. Bindas
  70. Cotton Kingdom James M. Clifton
  71. Cotton Manufacturing James M. Clifton
  72. Cotton Snobs James E. Fickle
  73. Coues, Elliott Phillip Drennon Thomas
  74. Coughlin, Charles Edward John Kennedy Ohl
  75. Couldock, Charles Walter W. K. Waters, Jr.
  76. Coulter, Ellis Merton D.A. Yanchisin
  77. Council of Economic Advisors E. Wayne Murdock
  78. Council of National Defense John Kennedy Ohl
  79. Council on Foreign Economic Policy Michael D. Smith
  80. Council on International Economic Policy Michael D. Smith
  81. Counsel, Right to Patrick A. Mueller
  82. Counterculture Janet Owens Frost
  83. Country Music David B. Parker
  84. County-Seat Wars Merle W. Wells
  85. Couplers Michael L. Gillespie
  86. Coureur De Bois Russell M. Magnaghi
  87. Course of Empire, The Stuart Levine
  88. Court Dress Circular of 1853 Irving Katz
  89. Court of Claims John David Healy
  90. Court of Justice, International Willard D. Keim
  91. Courts, American John David Healy
  92. Courts, American Military Patrick A. Mueller
  93. Courts of Appeals, United States Mary L. Carns


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