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The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present

Edited by Donald W. Whisenhunt

USA (1983- ) treats the American experience from before the European arrival to the present.

Encyclopedia USA should be viewed as the serial Dictionary of American Biography uniquely expanded to all aspects of American life--especially cultural life--to serve the broad spectrum of readers and libraries.

Fifty or more volumes plus indexes and supplements when complete. Three volumes, 750 pages annually. Cloth. $42.00 each. Index Volumes $55 eac.

Volumes 1-29 (AAA-Fanning, Tolbert.) and Supplement 1-3 (Abbe, Robert--Ashmore, Harry Scott) in print. Index Volume 1 (Vols. 1-10) and 2 (Vols. 11-20) in print.

Contents of Volumes 1-25 and Supplement Volume 1 and 2 are listed below.

Contents of volume 26-29 and Supplement Volume 3 forthcoming.

What the Critics Say

  • " and college libraries should consider adding the complete set to their reference collections. This is a treasure trove"-American Reference Books Annual
  • "Encyclopedia USA is a commendable project"-Reference Services Review
  • "One just doesn't find articles on adult book stores or the big band era or the Autobiography of Malcolm X or automation in the Dictionary of American History... But Encyclopedia USA has those and more... Its value is in the people, things, events, and modern cultural phenomena (e.g., the article on the Blondie cartoon strip) that the Dictionary of American Biography and the Dictionary of American History overlook."-Wilson Library Bulletin

About the Index

  • "Librarians that already have [USA] will not want to decrease the value of their acquisition and cheat their users by skipping this helpful index."-American Reference Books Annual

More Valuable, Necessary Than Ever!

  • For busy librarians, patrons, students, faculty researchers.
  • Cost efficient because USA is consulted so heavily.
  • The single source needed by non-US libraries.
  • Indexes open vast research avenues.
  • Just $1,477.00 for Vols. 1-22, Supplements 1-3, plus Index Vols. 1-2 then only $143.00 each budget year thereafter
  • Order today while initial cost is low.

What the Users Say

"The students use it a lot... they enjoy coming to this because they can pick it up and get their background information... get them started on their who, what, when and where information... they can pull it out and stand there and easily look at it and find what they're looking for... it's so accessible... it is in great demand."-Neatha Cagle, Head of Reference, Lon Morris College Library

About the Editor

Donald W. Whisenhunt, is Professor Emeritus at Western Washington University, Bellingham WA 98225 and is retired.

Editor Sought

Academic International Press is seeking an individual to assume editorship. Qualified scholars, please contact the Press.

Contents of Volumes 1--25, Supplement Volume 1, 2


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